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Kulshan Club - Exterior of craftsman-style house
WWU Board minutes 1969 January
WWU Board minutes 1938 August
Coming soon...
AS Board Minutes 1934-07
WWU Board minutes 1984 January
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Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-12-29 Power House Site
Two women stand near road on bluff overlooking water
Three men on summit of Mt. Baker
WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-09-10 Reinf Steel Run #213 El.411
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-01-16
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Viking 1 design and development
Cannery tender 'Karluk' gets tossed ashore during storm with several men on beach
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Bellingham City Hall with new central tower under construction behind scaffolding, and crane hoisting new tower roof
View from dock of large steamer, S.S. North King docked at Alitkak harbor on Kodiak Island, AK, with smaller fishing vessels in foreground
1856-12-18 Letter from M.L. Stangroom to his mother