1927 - 1957
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Aerial view of point of land and cannery facility on its shoreline
Aerial view of small fleet of fishing vessels in small bay with cannery facilities on shoreline
Photocopied article with image of monument to George Pickett
Two uniformed men sit in 35' Owens Yacht  of the "Safety Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary," moored at dock
Birdseye view of large house and garden on a point of land jutting into a bay with Mt. Baker on the horizon
Block house on shore at English Camp, San Juan Island.
Automobile ferry "City of Bellingham" with dock in distance
View into fishtrap full of writhing fish
Brailing salmon -- The fish spilling into the barge.
Crew of workers disengage barge from fishtrap with tender in background
Four salmon laid out on deck of fishtrap
Men tend to fishtrap lines while passenger ferry "Falcon" attaches to fishing barge
Complex of fishtraps in middle distance with fishing tender to right
People from the "Falcon" getting a closer look at the fishtrap.
Brailing salmon -- Pulling the net back to be reset.
Man stands atop fishtrap securing frames to structure with 'trap shack' in background
Carlisle Packing Co. facility from deck of approaching fishing tender
People on the Falcon viewing the filled barge
Passengers from ferry disembark to fish barge to have closer view
Workers on barges tend to fishtraps in foreground while passengers perch on crowded ferry to watch in background