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1889 - 2021
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1965 Mathes Hall: Rendering
WWU Board minutes 1960 February
Klipsun, 1969
2000 Sonya Joseph
WWU Board of Trustees Minutes: 2018-04-13
1932 Fifth Grade Assembly (Colonial Life Museum)
1968 Charles J. Flora: Inauguration
1969 Miller Hall
1986 WWU vs. Seattle Pacific University
1981 Students on Plaza
1970 Auditorium-Music Building
1979 Outstanding Graduates
1943 Barbara Jean Hansen Weaving
1938 Hank Chamberlin
General Trophy: G. Robert Ross Memorial, WWU Athlete of the Year award (front), 1986/2013
1955 Aerial View
Person Playing Tennis
Golf (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1986
1988 WWU vs. Seattle University
AS Board Minutes - 1920 March
1970 Addition, Main Entrance Viewed From High Street (Night View)
1941 Tenth Grade In Library (Class 10-A)
1943 Students Work On Plantings Outside New School
WWU Board minutes 1976 October
Playing Cards
Senour (Grant) Photographs
Study Group 2018
1979 Wendy Wefer
1948 Shop Class
Melissa Sweet interview [sound recording]
Viking 1 design and development
Boat Trip
AS Board Minutes - 1920 July
Track and Field Plaque: Helms Hall, Hall of Fame award, Sam Carver, undated
WWU Board minutes 1963 May
1953 Campus View Westward Including Playfield
Track and Field (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1986
Viking 1 design and development
1949 Campus Day: Beard-Growing Contest
WWU Board minutes 1986 August
1902 Training School Wing of Main Building
1959 Facade (East Side) With Jack Rayburn, Barney Goltz and Bob Gustavson
1948 Homecoming Co-Chairmen: Harry Pagels and Ann Pearson
Ferhat Pasha Mosque - Republika Srpska, Bosnia & Herzegovina
WWU Board minutes 1919 March
WWU Board minutes April 2010
1948 Elsie Wendling
1987 Distinguished Educator Award Ceremony
1981 Kristy Dees and Tony Bartlett
1960 Science Class Activities