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1872 - 2020
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1965 Mathes Hall: Rendering
WWU Board minutes 1960 February
Klipsun, 1969
2000 Sonya Joseph
WWU Board of Trustees Minutes: 2018-04-13
1968 Charles J. Flora: Inauguration
1969 Miller Hall
1986 WWU vs. Seattle Pacific University
"Runaway Logs Dance on Waves" (copy of newspaper article)
1981 Students on Plaza
1970 Auditorium-Music Building
1979 Outstanding Graduates
Oval studio portrait photograph of boy in suit
1938 Hank Chamberlin
1955 Aerial View
Mr. Howell of Fairhaven High School seated at desk
1988 WWU vs. Seattle University
AS Board Minutes - 1920 March
Nearly entirely submerged boat at Pacific American Fisheries dock
A US Army boat undergoes trials in Bellingham Bay
1970 Addition, Main Entrance Viewed From High Street (Night View)
WWU Board minutes 1976 October
Georgia Pacific lumber mill site with Great Northern Railroad line in foreground
1979 Wendy Wefer
AS Board Minutes - 1920 July
WWU Board minutes 1963 May
Studio portrait of E.B. Deming
1949 Campus Day: Beard-Growing Contest
Long procession of marching sailors seen from upper story of building, looking south along State street, with ships anchored in Bellingham Bay in distance
T.G. Richards and Company Store, 1308 E Street, Bellingham, WA
WWU Board minutes 1986 August
1959 Facade (East Side) With Jack Rayburn, Barney Goltz and Bob Gustavson
1948 Homecoming Co-Chairmen: Harry Pagels and Ann Pearson
C.H. Barlow Leather Goods
WWU Board minutes 1919 March
Exterior of Larrabee family house under construction, Bellingham, Washington
WWU Board minutes April 2010
1981 Kristy Dees and Tony Bartlett
1960 Science Class Activities
WWU Board minutes 1941 August
1979 Basketball Game: Telecast
Downtown Bellingham at the corner of Cornwall Avenue and Magnolia Street showing Ekho Drugstore with multiple billboards
1948 Homecoming Queen: Delores York
1902 Library
1986 Brenda Bock
Federal building in Bellingham, WA under construction.
AS Board Minutes 1954 Fall member list
WWU Board minutes 1999 October
WWU Board minutes 1951 November
Knute Evertz and two other men pose next to a 'portable' steam radiator made from cast metal