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1867 - 1976
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1921 Peace Arch opening , Blaine, Washington
1921 Peace Arch opening , Blaine, Washington
8 men, some in suits, some in work clothes, stand on plank sidewalk under construction
Abbey Island, Ruby Beach, Pacific Ocean
About a dozen men, women, children on decks of small steamer "Brick" docked at pier below steep hill
Alpine view of a man standing on a snow-covered landscape.
Assumption Church confirmation class, April 1939
At Jaipur, India
At Jaipur, India
The Baker Hotel, a multi-gabled, five-story wood-built hotel in Sehome (later Bellingham), WA
Banquet hall with two long, well-appointed tables seating several dozen men in suits
Baseball player sliding into base with baseman stooping to make the tag
Bellingham Centennial - Jaycee's Beard Patrol
Bellingham fire house with horse-drawn firewagon outside
Bellingham High School
The Bellingham Hotel (now Bellingham Towers)seen from the intersection of West Champion and Grand Streets with the Hotel Rockwood and Peoples Market below, and Mount Baker Theater in background
Bellingham No.2 fire wagon stands with two hitched horses outside open doors of fire house with three men and the driver
Bellingham Plywood Corporation - Bellingham, Washington
Bellingham Steam Laundry truck
Bellingham's second City Hall designed by Leonard William Somerville Bindon
Boiler room of Earles Cleary mill
Breaking Ground for Elks Home June 10 1912
Bright, sunlit image of forest with ferns
A building fire at night in winter
Camp Go-to-it
Cannery tender "Karluk"  in Alaskan waters
Carnation Condensery No. 4
Catherine D in Bellingham Bay
Chicago Hotel, Bellingham (Wash.)
Chicago Hotel, Bellingham (Wash.)
Chuckanut Bay looking south toward Samish Island.
Chuckanut Bay, WA, viewed from Clark's Point
Chuckanut Drive
Chuckanut Drive and Governor's Tree.
Chuckanut Quarry
Chuckanut Quarry - group of workers
Chuckanut / Roth Stone Quarry
Chuckanut Sandstone (Chuckanut Quarry)
Circus day parade, Bellingham (Wash.)
Close up of a rose bush along the walkway in front of a house
Close up of an unidentified man and woman.
closeup of young boy in hat
Color image of Columbia River Gorge
Color postcard image of Blewett Pass
Color print of studio portrait of Nelson Bennett.
A color-tinted photo taken at the end of a glacier, most likely on Mount Baker
Copy of a letter sent by Jimmy Pickett to his foster-mother
Copy of a letter sent by Jimmy Pickett to his foster-mother
The craftsman house at the corner of 14th Street and Wilson in Fairhaven
Crowd gathered for grave-side funeral service in cemetery
A crowd of people watch along railroad tracks as wooden Pacific American Fisheries building burns in a fire
Cyrus Kingsley Gates
Dairy cows grazing in a field
A dark haired man wearing a white jacket with his name, Verne, stiched above the pocket
Deck of unidentified ship at dock, loaded with supplies in boxes, sacks, metal containers
Diehl and Simpson Ford automobile dealership storefront
Diehl and Simpson work crew
Downtown Bellingham, WA on Dock Street (Cornwall Avenue) looking south from the middle of the block between Champion and Magnolia streets.
Dyer Family Photograph Album
Early aviator L. Guy Mecklem
Eight men stand next to horses in front of barn
Eight people stand in and around a tent at a campsite in woods
Eight unidentified women in fish processing line (probably Bornstein Seafoods workers)
Elderly couple stands in garden with flagpole in background
Elderly Deane Hook stands on side of Chuckanut Drive with hand on y-shaped tree, commemorating a photo taken of him in same tree in 1915
Eleven men and one woman, standing next to a Bornstein's Seafoods truck.
Elmheim (Roeder house)
Employee picnic of Bloedel Donovan Lumber
An expansive view of Petersburg, Alaska taken from a boat with water in the foreground
Exterior of defensive block house at Fort Bellingham
Exterior of Roeder-Roth house, Bellingham, WA, in elaborate Queen Anne style with turret
Exterior of Star Drug store on Elk (State) Street, Bellingham, WA, with early model cars parked on street, with the Herald Building background
Exterior of "T.G. Richards Building," (later known as the Washington Territorial Courthouse)
Exterior of T.G. Richards building, with several men standing lounging on adjacent boardwalk and staircase
Exterior of two-story farmhouse seen from across small field
Fairhaven district, looking eastward down angle made by railroad and  Harris Avenue from top of Dead Man's Point
The Fairhaven High School baseball team
Fairhaven industrial waterfront with Sehome hill in distance, Bellingham, Washington
Fairhaven looking west from Harris Avenue and 10th Street.
Fairhaven Park
Family seated for portrait on exterior stairs
Fast picture with new camera - two women swing rope for man in center to jumprope
Federal building in Bellingham, WA under construction.
Federal Condensed Milk Co. building showing both truck and horse-drawn wagon delivery vehicles
Female fishing processing worker (may be Bornstein Seafoods)
Festively decorated room full of people of all ages seated and standing to view entertainment
Fireplace at the Pickett House with portrait of General George A. Pickett hung above mantle
First Baptist Church
Fish processing machinery called The Smith Butchering Machine
Fish processing workers (probably Bornstein Seafoods)
Fishing boat "Calendar", sitting in still water (probably Bellingham Bay), with nets hung from the mast
The fishing boat "Marsha Lynn" sitting in the water with two crew visible on top of the pilot house
The fishing boat "Martle" in Bellingham Bay heading out from shore with Eldridge Avenue in the background
The fishing boat "Silverland" moving through the water, probably in Bellingham Bay
Five people in an early convertible automobile  stopped on a dirt lane by a small lake and forested hills
Five people sit at a well-appointed table outdoors in the woods
Five teenage girls pose in front of fireplace
Five unidentified men paused at their work  among boards and slabs of lumber inside a lumber mill for photograph
Five unidentified men working at a Bornstein Seafoods conveyor belt with fish and boxes on it
Five unidentified women on fish canning line (possibly Bornstein Seafoods)
Flatbed GMC truck with "General Hauling" painted along side of bed sitting at street curb
Formal full body studio portrait of young unidentified Asian woman in traditional dress
Formal studio portrait of Emma Diereck
Formal studio portrait of four young people, two boys and two girls
Formal studio portrait of man in suit and tophat
Formal studio portrait of nine players of the Bellingham Bays baseball team, and a bat boy, all in uniform
Formal studio portrait of older man with beard
Formal studio portrait of one man seated with violin, one man posing behind him
Formal studio portrait of unidentified teenage boy
Forty four men in suits pose outside the doors of "Fish and Wildlife Service, Fishery Products Laboratory" building
Four unidentified hikers (one appears to be a child) standing at the edge of a snowfield and tarn with Mt. Baker looming over them in the background.
Four unidentified women standing in a group
Four women in formal dresses, possibly as part of beauty pageant, stand in row
Women in formal dresses, possibly as part of beauty pageant, stand in row
Frank Wright's house, Lummi Island
Front display window of "Brisbin's Millinery"
Front exterior of brick, three-story Masonic Hall on State street, Bellingham, WA, with three arched upper windows, and commercial street-fronts
Front-portside view of the steam tender "Rodoma" with man standing on foredeck
Front view of fruit store with man and woman wearing white aprons standing in front of store beside tables of fruit on display.
Gamwell family photograph album
George Francis Train from New York with New Whatcom residents
Glass negative of small, log-choked waterfall and the calmer water into which it flows
Grape arbor supported by six columns with a small dog standing under it and a large, unidentified building, possibly a church, behind it
Group of people gathered on beach for picnic
Group of three women and a man, all unidentified
The Hamburger Express a diner-type restaurant that was located at 3300 Northwest Avenue from 1935 until 1947
Hand-colored photo print of Mt. Baker and mountain meadow
Hand-colored photo print of Mt. Rainier, Nisqually river vally, field of wildflowers in foreground
Hand tinted image of four men, two on horseback, next to a lake with a flat-topped promontory in the distance
Hand tinted image of four men, two on horseback, next to a lake with a flat-topped promontory in the distance
Hand tinted photo of snow-covered Mt. Baker in the background with a lake or tarn in the foreground
hand-tinted view of snow-covered Mt. Baker with a lake in the foreground.
Harvey Haggard on the trail running in the Mt. Baker Marathon with seven onlookers
Hilltop view of Harris Avenue and Fairhaven, Washington with estuary waters in foreground
Holly & Elk Streets and Harris Avenue
Hotel Leopold in downtown Bellingham, WA.
Hotel Royal in downtown Bellingham, WA
A huge pile of wooden crates piled high with five men perched among the crates all the way to the roof of the adjacent building where there is a sign that says "Positively No Admittance"
Industrial Iron Works buildings
Interior view of grocery/dry goods store
Interior view of grocery/dry goods store
Interior view of household appliance store.
Intersection, this is probably 14th and Wilson in Fairhaven
J. Wilbur Sandison
James Tilton Pickett, son of General George Pickett, at about age 20
John Bennett and his heather from Mt. Beaker
The Kiwanis float in the shape of Mt. Baker, adorned with tulips and greenery, in the Whatcom County Tulip Festival parade
Laminated newspaper clipping with photograph of Hal Reeves and text about his retirement
Lane through forest
Large crowd of men, women, and children surround a man sitting on a chair in the center, possibly an evangelist
Large crowd of people gather at corner of Elk (State) and Holly streets to observe passing convertible car and passengers
Large dining hall decorated with U.S. flags and over one hundred military men dressed in various army and navy uniforms
Large group of finely dressed men and women in a ball room gather at center of room to pose for photograph
Large group of girls and young women pose in parlor, many in costume
Large group of unidentified men, probably mill workers, sitting and standing on a wooden deck with the mill behind them
Large, three-story farmhouse, outbuildings, and barns seen at medium distance from fenceline and across field
Large, three-story house or club-house with large front stairs and porch sitting alone on large grounds.
Larrabee family home, Bellingham (Wash.)
The launching of an unidentified ship perhaps from the Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) Shipyard at Commercial Point
Laundry delivery truck (Sedro Woolley Steam Laundry)
Laundry delivery truck (Sedro Woolley Steam Laundry)
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A little by and little girl sit in row boat on lake
A little by and little girl sit in row boat on lake
A little girl in a fancy coat poses in front of a fine early model car parked outside a garage
A little girl sits on the ground outdoors with a woman standing near and three people on bench
Log suspended by cables being loaded onto skidder.
Lumber yard in Fairhaven, WA on Bellingham Bay with multiple buildings and assorted stacks of lumber
Lumber yard in Fairhaven, WA on Bellingham Bay with multiple buildings and assorted stacks of lumber
Lumber yard in Fairhaven, WA on Bellingham Bay with multiple buildings and assorted stacks of lumber
Lynden stage
Lynden's first power plant before its disassembling
Magic lantern show (probably Galen Biery)
A man and four boys sit and stand around chair or buggy holding infant
A man and two women display a piece of Asian art and a smlal ornamental object
A man in a suit seated behind a desk hands a check to a man standing beside him
Man in over coat stands with luggage outside small hut with sign that reads "Welcome Port moller International Airport"
A man in overalls standing in a field among haystacks
Man in plaid jacket, hat and gauntlet gloves standing on running-board of hay delivery truck.
Man in suit plays with toddler wearing boxing gloves, outdoors
Man in uniform standing beside woman in rocking chair holding child on front porch of house
Man (likely Gunnar Anderson) seated at a piano
Man looks over town from top of tower in Eastern Washington
Man poses in baseball uniform with glove and "F" on his uniform.
Man seated in the stern of a boat that is towing a sailboat with two women on board.
Man seated in windowed room atop tower in Eastern Washington
Man stands next to team of six draft horses with wagon carrying huge section of pipe
Man stands next to two large draft horses hitched to delivery wagon with "BL&T CO" on side
Man wearing a Bornstein Seafoods hat and white jacket with his name, Rene, stiched above the pocket
Man wearing native-Alaskan outfit standing with harnessed sled-dogs on street
Map of Alaska, British Columbia, and north Puget Sound showing the location of the salmon canneries of Pacific American Fisheries
Men in suits stand at rail of deck of S.S. Norwood
Men next to grain sacks labelled "Peach Blossum"
Milk delivery truck standing on roadway
Milk delivery truck standing on roadway
A motorized covered wagon with a sign on its side saying "Bellingham Centennial - Jaycee's Beard Patrol"