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1867 - 1976
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Bellingham Plywood Corporation - Bellingham, Washington
Picture Section [Fairhaven]
Gamwell family photograph album
Mt. Baker Lodge
Dyer Family Photograph Album
Mountains and Travels
Whatcom County Photographs
Naknek Photographs, Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
Scenic Wonders Portland and Columbia River
Lane through forest
Mt. Shuksan
Abbey Island, Ruby Beach, Pacific Ocean
Color postcard image of Blewett Pass
Fairhaven Park
[Letter concerning picture #GB169.1]
Studio portrait of P.J. Murphy
Family seated for portrait on exterior stairs
Elderly couple stands in garden with flagpole in background
Large crowd of people gather at corner of Elk (State) and Holly streets to observe passing convertible car and passengers
Several people watch the  from hillside as Navy airship USS Akron floats over Bellingham Bay
Navy airship USS Akron floating over Bellingham Bay
Several people watch from the hillside as Navy airship USS Akron floats over Bellingham
Unidentified man
Unidentified older woman in black dress
Unidentified woman
Two boys in a wheelbarrow pushed by a man
Woman standing on pier with Mt Baker visible in the distance
Two women sunbathing on blanket
View across water of ferry landing at Goosberry Point with Mt. Baker in the distance
Several people on beach
Group of people gathered on beach for picnic
Man looks over town from top of tower in Eastern Washington
Man seated in windowed room atop tower in Eastern Washington
Woman posing in swimsuit on bow of boat with mountains in the distance
Several people playing on beach
View from deck of home
View from deck of home with seated woman
Fish processing machinery called The Smith Butchering Machine
Purse Seining for salmon, Puget Sound - vessel with net cast in water
Crowd gathered for grave-side funeral service in cemetery
Two men swing large hammers in gap between rock faces to create mine access in a Skagit County Mine
Men in suits stand at rail of deck of S.S. Norwood
Smoke billows from stacks of warehouses at dock
Tugboat "Captain" tied at dock with barrels and dock workers
Unidentified large steam freight ship docked at Pacific American Fisheries facility, Bellingham Bay
Victorian house on steep residential block