1867 - 1976
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A man in overalls standing in a field among haystacks
Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
Studio portrait of C.X. Larrabee
Whatcom County Photographs
Picture Section [Fairhaven]
Dyer Family Photograph Album
Fireplace at the Pickett House with portrait of General George A. Pickett hung above mantle
Unidentified man, probably Galen Biery, and woman
View of what is probably a cannery building in Petersburg, Alaska
Fairhaven Park
Family seated for portrait on exterior stairs
Several people watch from the hillside as Navy airship USS Akron floats over Bellingham
Man looks over town from top of tower in Eastern Washington
Large crowd of people gather at corner of Elk (State) and Holly streets to observe passing convertible car and passengers
Unidentified man
Tugboat "Captain" tied at dock with barrels and dock workers
Men in suits stand at rail of deck of S.S. Norwood
Five teenage girls pose in front of fireplace
Fairhaven industrial waterfront with Sehome hill in distance, Bellingham, Washington
Hilltop view of Harris Avenue and Fairhaven, Washington with estuary waters in foreground
Color image of Columbia River Gorge
Two men stainding in virgin forest
View from 12th street, Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA, towards Bellingham Bay and Pacific American Fisheries facilities where a ship is docked
View from Sehome Hill of early Sehome, WA, with dirt track of Elk Street extending from lower right, Bellingham Bay on left
Nine adults and children sit at a well-appointed table outdoors in the woods
Man stands next to team of six draft horses with wagon carrying huge section of pipe
View through trees from top of Sehome Hill of downtown Bellingham, WA
Exterior of Star Drug store on Elk (State) Street, Bellingham, WA, with early model cars parked on street, with the Herald Building background
Studio portrait of Harriette Biery
Formal studio portrait of four young people, two boys and two girls
Festively decorated room full of people of all ages seated and standing to view entertainment
Two elderly men stand in arm with elderly woman outdoors, all finely dressed
Three men stand by piles of feed sacks and a fourth man stans by a bike on the loading dock of Custer Feed & Grain Co.
Formal studio portrait of older man with beard
A little girl in a fancy coat poses in front of a fine early model car parked outside a garage
Banquet hall with two long, well-appointed tables seating several dozen men in suits
Close up of a rose bush along the walkway in front of a house
Eight men stand next to horses in front of barn
Two women and a boy sit in an early model car in a grassy clearing
Exterior of two-story farmhouse seen from across small field
"The Mediterranean of the Pacific" (Negative copy of article from Harper's New Monthly Magazine)
Deck of unidentified ship at dock, loaded with supplies in boxes, sacks, metal containers
Large group of girls and young women pose in parlor, many in costume
Several people work together to skin large fish or whale on dock with onlookers and warehouse in background
Young woman in long, frilly dress stands in garden holding parasol
Young man in overalls stands outside a building
Man poses in baseball uniform with glove and "F" on his uniform.
Woman stands on grassy landing above railroad tracks with depot and attached warehouse on opposite side
Fairhaven district, looking eastward down angle made by railroad and  Harris Avenue from top of Dead Man's Point