1867 - 1976
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A man and two women display a piece of Asian art and a smlal ornamental object
Train collision - Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul locomotive with T.E. 3 R.R., Great Northern 22403 locomotive
Unidentified young man wearing a suit, vest, and bow tie, stands beside a camera on a tripod.
Bellingham fire house with horse-drawn firewagon outside
Several generations of women pose in parlor, with the eldest woman holding an infant
Naknek Photographs, Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
Rear view of railway station and attached warehouse
Table Mountain from Heather Meadows
A man in a suit seated behind a desk hands a check to a man standing beside him
View of downtown and waterfront of Bellingham, WA
Purse Seining for salmon, Puget Sound - vessel with net cast in water
Mt. Baker from Lummi Island
Two women and a man sit inside a tent
View from deck of home with seated woman
Three young men stand in a room, possibly an electrical control room of a factory
Unidentified large steam freight ship docked at Pacific American Fisheries facility, Bellingham Bay
Bellingham Steam Laundry truck
Two men stand on dock covered in marine ropes, one man operating a camera on a tripod
Industrial Iron Works buildings
Train collision - Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul locomotive with T.E. 3 R.R., Great Northern 22403 locomotive
Street view of house on corner on a snowy day
Laminated newspaper clipping with photograph of Hal Reeves and text about his retirement
Toddler girl sits in chair for portrait
Map of Alaska, British Columbia, and north Puget Sound showing the location of the salmon canneries of Pacific American Fisheries
Breaking Ground for Elks Home June 10 1912
Mt. Baker Lodge
Unidentified older woman in black dress
Five unidentified men paused at their work  among boards and slabs of lumber inside a lumber mill for photograph
Several people sit in a canoe at shoreline among floating logs, with three people standing on adjacent logs
Man in uniform standing beside woman in rocking chair holding child on front porch of house
Train collision - Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul locomotive with T.E. 3 R.R., Great Northern 22403 locomotive
View from across street of front of Church of the Assumption, white with tall central spire and smaller spires in either side
Formal full body studio portrait of young unidentified Asian woman in traditional dress
Rural view from low hillside with roadway leading off into the distance.
At Jaipur, India
Chuckanut Bay, WA, viewed from Clark's Point
Large group of unidentified men, probably mill workers, sitting and standing on a wooden deck with the mill behind them
Several people playing on beach
Three men stand among trees with lake in background
Woman in a hat, holding a walking stick, sits on a hillside covered in wildflowers
Circus day parade, Bellingham (Wash.)
Five people sit at a well-appointed table outdoors in the woods
Post Office, Bellingham - Front and side exterior of Federal Building in Bellingham
Cannery tender "Karluk"  in Alaskan waters
The Baker Hotel, a multi-gabled, five-story wood-built hotel in Sehome (later Bellingham), WA
Small bird perches on wooden structure
Photocopied article with image of monument to George Pickett
Lumber yard in Fairhaven, WA on Bellingham Bay with multiple buildings and assorted stacks of lumber