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WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
Kioni Paniyiri (Town Festival) - Greece
Move In 2020 2
Wade King Student Recreation Center
Trevor, Junior, and Steve - Kenya
WWu Choir rehearsal
Engineering Class Lab On Campus
Wildlands Studies - Nepal
Moss Sampling the Duwamish with Dr. Troy Abel
Stem Fair 2019
Duomo on a Foggy Morning - Florence, Italy
WWU Students Around Campus
Western Symphony Orchestra rehearsal
Green City - Tokyo, Japan
Wildlands Studies
Super Pink Moon
Move In 2020 36
Parque Güell - Barcelona, Spain
"For Handel," Mark di Suvero
Global Lounge
Say Cheese
Snow School 2020
Princess for the Day at Gyeongbukgung Palace
Mosque in Marrakech, Morocco
Insignificance - Interlaken, Switzerland
Double Rainbow Kitchen Superteam Go! - India
Window - Cappadocia, Turkey
Home Away from Home - Florence, Italy
 Deer On Campus At Western Washington University
Study Group 2018
Florence Cathedral
Double reed clinic
WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
Rice Farmer
Luke in Edinburgh, Scotland
Super Pink Moon
Viking I - Urban Vehicle
Lujan Flota
SakuraSakura - Japan
Palace of Versailles
A group of people at a SEA Discovery Center event
The Edge of Catastrophe - Poas Volcano, Costa Rica
Untitled: Nepal
WWu Choir rehearsal
Super Pink Moon
The Adventures of Bori Cha
Academic West and Academic Instructional Center
The Alhambra - Granada, Spain
Omagari Hanabi Festival
Move In 2020 30