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1899 - 1930
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Reverse view of south side of Mt. Hood
Aerial view west from the North Cleaver of Mt Adams showing a portion of Adams Glacier
Unidentified landscape
Unidentified landscape
Aerial view of unidentified mountain range.
Unidentified campsite on Alaskan beach
Unidentified beach and water scene
Unidentified water scene
Unidentified man on tidal flats in Alaska
Unidentified beach, water, and snow covered mountains
Unidentified person with a small motorboat at the water’s edge
Unidentified field near a forest
Unidentified field near a forest.
View of ice and snow-covered on Columbia Gorge looking east toward Beacon Rock
Camp site near an unidentified body of water.
Unidentified mountain waterfall
Aerial view west toward Mt. St. Helens from a ridge on the north side of Mt. Adams
Unidentified body of water with glaciered mountains in the distance
Reverse view of south side of Mt. Hood
Waterfront, unidentified body of water