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Grant Senour Photographs Album B
Picture Section [Fairhaven]
Whatcom County Photographs
Dyer Family Photograph Album
1925-1931 Mount Baker Club Scrapbook
Mountains and Travels
Rebecca Valrejean: Showcase Concert Announcement
Scenic Wonders Portland and Columbia River
Naknek Photographs, Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
Mt. Baker (Henry C. Engberg photograph album)
Mt. Baker Lodge
Grant Senour Photographs Album A
Bellingham Plywood Corporation - Bellingham, Washington
Gamwell family photograph album
Six men stand in front of storefront with several businesses advertised on signs and windows, including Steamer - City of Everett - Ticket Office, and real estate and insurance offices
Man with cigar sits at desk with shelves cluttered with papers, binders, maps towering over him
An unidentified ship listing on its side, marooned on rocks.
unidentified man sitting below what is probably the hull of a ship, pointing to a spot on the hull
View across lumber yard toward downtown Bellingham,
An unidentified man with a beard in a three piece suit, wearing a turban.
Edwin Ahern - Organist, Avalon Theatre
Hall of Fame Plaque: Rudy Thomas, Basketball, Class of 2013
Football Jersey and Photograph: Steve Richardson with record of official action to retire jersey  #21, 1967
1955 Campus Day: Picnic
1977 Paul Madison
1972 Peter Dahl
1981 View From Old Main
Three men at early print shop
Mt. Baker district - stand of tall trees in forest with snowy ground
A simple bridge with no railing spans a creek in a snowy, wintertime scene
Upper falls of Whatcom Creek.
Three men seated, six standing, pose in baseball outfits in front of split-rail fence
View from shore of fishing tender, the Warrior, beached in ice, tilting
Tall stack of canned goods, presumably salmon, in warehouse
Exterior of craftsman-style residence
Mt. Baker Lodge covered in snow
Aerial view across clouds to mountain range
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Unidentified man, probably Galen Biery, and woman
Fishing boat "Calendar", sitting in still water (probably Bellingham Bay), with nets hung from the mast
Studio portrait of R.G. Wright in spectacles with suit and tie
Aerial view of numerous log booms in waters of Bellingham, WA, harbor, with Bellingham in upper background
Construction of the brick headquarters of Pacific American Fisheries at 4th and Harris streets, with railroad running adjacent, south Bellingham, WA
School children stand in several rows on steps of school
Man in plaid jacket, hat and gauntlet gloves standing on running-board of hay delivery truck.
Pacific American Fisheries Cannery
Unidentified woman
Large manufacturing machine, possibly for food processing
Advertisement  for "The Real Airship" (dirigible) at the White City Amusement Park run by the Silver Beach Amusement Co. in Bellingham, WA, on Lake Whatcom
Early model racecar with driver and passenger travels along street past sidewalk full of spectators, Bellingham, WA (Mt. Baker Marathon)
Steamship President McKinley at dock with several smaller crafts laden with cargo pulled alongside
Women in formal dresses, possibly as part of beauty pageant, stand in row
The double-masted, single smokestack, fishing steamer  "Kingfisher" with fourteen men standing on deck, some in workers' clothes, some in suits or uniforms
Postcard photo of Columbia Valley School with students and teacher standing on steps
Thirty nine teenage girls pose in three rows outdoors near an ivy-covered building.
Students sit at desks and stand against far wall with teacher in a classroom
Drawing of interior of salmon cleaning and butchering operation with salmon covering floor
Flooding waters of Nooksack river rush by with buildings of Ferndale, WA, in background
More than fifty young students pose with teacher at center outside schoolhouse
The Kiwanis float in the shape of Mt. Baker, adorned with tulips and greenery, in the Whatcom County Tulip Festival parade
Front exterior view of architectural drawing of the four-story victorian Gamwell House, Bellingham, WA
Archie Shiels, President of Pacific American Fisheries
Exterior of elaborate, Queen Anne style mansion of Henry Roeder family, "Elmheim"
Regatta of six sailing skiffs in unidentified location.
Little Squalicum Bridge
Water Storage Tank
1949 Ruth Kelsey With Student
Aerial view of industrial waterfront, Bellingham, WA, showing landfill area used as lumber storage, several warehouses, and boat moorage
Craftsman bungalow at 319 South Forest street with cobblestone façade on front porch
A British ensign flies atop a water tower adjacent to a mill or cannery
Stanley Tarrant and four unidentified men
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Page 67
Mary D - Owner's Room
Close up of components of skinning machine used in fish canning
Five unidentified men paused at their work  among boards and slabs of lumber inside a lumber mill for photograph
Four men stand in front of brick commercial building with storage service on left, Hale-Morton taxi service on right
Rear side view of Silver Beach school house
Sumas in its early days
Karsten Hemmingsen
Bellingham Airport
Aerial view of the construction of Fairhaven College at Western Washington University.
Possibly Myer and Teresa Bornstein
Schooner Marguerite
Unidentified man standing beside an old-fashioned bus with no passengers that is parked next to the Federal Building in downtown Bellingham.
Gunnar Anderson seated at large electric organ
Western Symphony Orchestra rehearsal
Cape Flattery Lighthouse and entire Island of Tatoosh, from Cape Flattery
1968 Orca Whale in captivity at Stanley Park (Contact Sheet)
1965 Orca Whale "Namu" (Negative Set #2 of 3)
Fifth Annual Gay Awareness Symposium
Sexual Minorities Rap Group
Wade King Student Recreation Center
Viking Launch 2017
Union of Sexual Minorities 7th Annual Symposium
WWU Students Around Campus
Another view of the lava dome, without the spire showing.
Snow melting in the bottom of the crater.
The lava dome, showing a spire on top.
The lava dome.
Item 52310 (verso)
Item 54130 (recto)
Between the Mountain and the Lake
1979 WWU vs. Seattle University
1979 Shelley Lund
1935 Sweater Girls
1939 Volleyball
Item ALG2 (verso)
Channeled debris flow with Spirit Lake in the background.
Off-campus housing: Bathroom
Dutch Book of Hours early 1400 [item 38469]
Unidentified bifolium leaves [item 40843_40842]
Unidentified bifolium leaves [item 40749_40746]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item 41743]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item 41734]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item 41735]
Unidentified bifolium leaves [item 40733_40730]
Unidentified bifolium leaves [item 40740_40739]
13th Century Book of Hours
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item 2881]
French Book of Hours circa early 1400 [item 317]
15th Century Book of Hours [item 598]
French Bible 13th Century [item 3105]
French Bible 13th Century [item 3144]
French Bible 13th Century [item 2985]
French Bible 13th Century [item 3096]
French Bible 13th Century [item 3147]
Unidentified manuscript leaf [item 52310]
Antiphonal or Responsorial circa 1450 [item 54136]
Antiphonal or Responsorial circa 1450 [item 54129]
Unidentified manuscript leaf [item 52311]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item ALG2]
Antiphonal or Responsorial circa 1450 [item 54130]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [ALG3]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item 20770]
St. Augustine Breviary, undated [item 4181]
Dutch Book of Hours early 1400 [item 38460]
Unidentified manuscript leaf [item 32315]
13th Century Psalter [item 18980]
13th Century Psalter [item 18954]
St. Augustine Breviary, undated [item 4181a]
Dutch Book of Hours early 1400 [item 38465]
Page 10
2011 NCAA Division II National Championship
1988 WWU vs. Central Washington University
2010 NCAA Division II National Championships
2010 NCAA Division II National Championships
1969 Housing Office
1968 Bond Hall: Exterior
Off-campus housing: Bedroom
1965 Bond Hall: Architect's Drawing
1977 Judy Vose
1972 Jeanne Rameau
1979 Basketball Team
1980 WWU vs. Simon Fraser University
1982 Volleyball Team
1980 WWU vs. Lewis-Clark State College
1980 WWU vs. Simon Fraser University
1982 WWU vs. Trinity Western
1948 Fine Arts Building: Architect's Photostat
1999 Carmen Dolfo
1962 Aerial View
1935 Edens Hall: Front and South
1935 Miriam Snow
1970 Donald J. Easterbrook
1968 Charles J. Flora: Inauguration Banquet
1946 Library: Students Entering Front Door
1947 Students on Walkway
1947 Students on Walkway
1987 Paul Ford
1980 Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Dick Vogel
1950 Darkroom
1950 Fine Arts Building: Lecture Room
1959 Haggard Hall: Laying Cornerstone
1975 Huxley Off-site Project
1928 Library: North Facade
1986 NAIA District I Track and Field Championship Meet
1986 WWU vs. Seattle University
1973 Arntzen Hall: Architectural Model
1989 Lynda Goodrich
1989 Lynda Goodrich
2001 Hope Truitt
1906 Main Building
1989 Asia University Students
Senator Warren G. Magnuson
Jazz Group
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President Lyndon Johnson
Quentin Crisp
Cover Page
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Page 37
Penn Cove Whale Capture
Page 24
Page 30
1975 Coffee Shop
1978 Vendors Row ((Jacqueline Zervas)