1867 - 1972
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Dot Island, Chuckanut Bay
Bird's Eye View Map of Fairhaven (copy)
A pier on Lake Whatcom
Cove near the tip of Clark's Point as viewed from Chuckanut Bay
Three boys pose atop the boiler and inside the smoke stack of a steam engine that has colided with a larger engine
A view across a wooded valley toward the Twin Sisters range near Mount Baker.
Mount Shuksan with Picture Lake
A cove at the end of Clark's Point looking out onto Chuckanut Bay
Dead Man's Point
Large crowd of men, women, and children at White City amusement park at Lake Whatcom with roller coaster and ferris wheel
Lake Whatcom from Crescent Cove
Heather Meadows deep in snow.
Field full of small haystacks with farmhouse in distance
Mt. Baker Lodge with Picture Lake in foreground
Several small sailboats on a bay
Horses tied up on lake dock next to small steam vessel with coal shutes at right, near Blue Canyon, Lake Whatcom, Washington
A prefabricated section of railroad bridge is lowered into place during construction of the Chuckanut Creek railway trestle also known as "Hibridge"
A family stands in an orchard with a farmhouse visible over the treetops, and a few tall fir trees in the background
Mt. Baker from Chain Lake
Several people on beach