1894 - 1984
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Man in foreground stands on platform with camera on tripod to photograph the Smith Butchering machine, on display with "1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition" banner on wall in background
Unidentified man
Consolidated Black Cat Co. (copy, 1951 Seattle Times article)
Three unidentified women, probably a mother and two daughters
Dobbs' Studio Seattle 1937
A close-up of cannery tender the Warrior in Elliott Bay
Dobb's Studio, Seattle, 1937
Nine girls in athletic uniforms pose with a soccer or volleyball labeled "Champs 1924"
Seven uniformed members of young men's sports team and their coach pose outside building
1972 Reception in Seattle: Charles J. Flora
Mick Jagger
Queen Elizabeth II
President Gerald Ford
Queen Elizabeth II
The Beatles Are Here (Seattle PI)
Ronnie Wood
Beatles press conference
Ringo Starr
Mick Jagger