1912 - 1913
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View through trees and bushes of Skagit River near Burlington, WA
Two-part photograph of Deception Pass Bridge under construction
Baker River, above Concrete, Washington
Baker River, towards Mt. Baker
Log float on Skagit River next to bridge
Four men in suits walk forested hillside path
Four men in suits and three workmen stand on rocky hilside path
Great Northern steam train travels south along Chuckanut Mountain
Buttressed supports of Chuckanut Drive from Samish Bay overlook
Chuckanut Drive construction - forested hillside with large rock blocking path
View from above of steam train traveling along railway on mountainside next to shore
Rock-crushing operation cuts through hillside
View from hillside of Interurban tresle spanning Samish Bay
Construction of Chuckanut Drive between Oyster Creek and Blanchard
Wooden bridge over gorge with whitewater river
Deception Pass view from the northwest before construction of the bridge
Two men swing large hammers in gap between rock faces to create mine access in a Skagit County Mine
View from across a field of Equality Farm's multiple buildings on hillside
Rubble from blasting of hillside during road construction
Trestled railway with dirt road passing underneath