1908 - 1916
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Photograph of Mount Baker Lodge and peak of Mount Baker with extensive inking on image, including "Mount Baker Brand"
Marathoners signing up for first race, 1911 (Mt. Baker Marathon)
View from wheat field of snowy peak - possibly Mount Baker - on horizon with forest in middle distance
Postcard of Artist Point in Mt. Baker National Park, with two alpine lakes and cars in nearby parking lot
Boundary-Red Gold Mine structure on forested mountainside
Beneath Deermester slide,  Mt. Baker
Multi-generational group of hikers stands in forest
Tents are pitched next to Picture Lake near Mount Baker.
Mt.Baker and Roosevelt Glacier
Four unidentified hikers (one appears to be a child) standing at the edge of a snowfield and tarn with Mt. Baker looming over them in the background.
hand-tinted view of snow-covered Mt. Baker with a lake in the foreground.
Hand tinted photo of snow-covered Mt. Baker in the background with a lake or tarn in the foreground
Snow-covered Mt. Baker (Koma Kulshan) in the background with tree-covered hills in the foreground
Five hikers stand in distance on snowfield with peak of Mt. Baker behind them
Camping party at Skyline Ridge near Mt. Baker
Two men are posed with a tent on a patch of snow.
Snowy scene of Mt. Shuksan and surrounding forest with snowcat machine in foreground
Looking toward snow-covered, glaciated Mount Baker from perhaps Chowder Ridge or Skyline Divide.
View of snow-covered, glaciated Mount Baker from possibly the Skyline Divide or Cougar Divide trail.
Snow-covered, glaciated Mount Baker, rising from the tree-covered foothills