1797 - 1987
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Young girl and young boy sit in studio portrait
Roadside guardrail with trees beyond, bay of water and islands in distance
Page 07
Two men stainding in virgin forest
Pacific American Fisheries steamer "John Cudahy" bedecked by maritime flags
Page 25
Page 70
Small community of Park on shore of Lake Whatcom, WA
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-06-16 Generator Conduits 2nd Floor
Page 13
Several houses covered in snow
Pacific American Fisheries - cannery buildings at Shumagin Island
Copy of a letter sent by Jimmy Pickett to his foster-mother
Page 33
View from driveway of small fire station with one fire engine parked inside
Page 41
Page 22
Four men in suits walk forested hillside path
Page 15
Page 21