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1867 - 1972
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1971 Alumni Meeting in Whatcom County
Mt. Baker with Chain Lakes
Mountainside track of Great Northern railroad along lake shore, steam engine in distance
Ferry passengers seen on forward deck of the "Callender" as it is under tow; another ferry vessel seen starboard side adjacent
Family stands on and next to raised walkway in front of two-story home
House seen from front yard circular boardwalk, with prominent front steps, large front porch and widow's walk on roof
Rear view of Mt. Baker Lodge
Harmony School with gymnasium wing and playground slide
Rooftops of Mt. Baker lodge above high snow drifts
Mt. Baker seen from forested foothills
Lakelet on verge of Mazama Dome
Mt. Baker beyond forested foothills
Table Mountain from Heather Meadows
Three hikers sit on alpine slope with Mount Baker and its glaciers in background
View of Mt. Baker
Trees and rocks along shoreline of Puget Sound waters below Chuckanut Mountain
"Dot Island" sits in the middle of Chuckanut Bay, Washington
A train travels along tracks of railway that skirts mountainside at shoreline
Ship Carleton Ashore, December 27, 1904
A cove at the end of Clark's Point looking out onto Chuckanut Bay