1954 - 1968
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Two women pose at a memorial or landmark in Washington, D.C.
A man and two women posed at a Washington, D. C., location, probably the Capitol steps.
A Washington, D.C., monument with bust of President Lincoln on pedestal in foreground
A man and woman sit on bench along wall of monument, Washington, D.C.
Dome of U.S. Capitol building seen through trees and across street full of cars
North C. Burn of Waldron, Washington receives graduation certificate.
Man and woman pose on marble patio of a landmark or memorial in Washington, D.C.
Two women pose on steps of colonnade at landmark or memorial in Washington, D.C.
Man and woman pose on grounds of landmark or monument in Washington, D.C.
1967 Dr. Charles J. and Rosemary Flora
Man and woman pose in park-like setting with canon on display behind them