1857 - 1990
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Young girl and young boy sit in studio portrait
Methodist-Episcopal Church at Clinton and J Streets - Exterior corner view of church with steeple
Roadside guardrail with trees beyond, bay of water and islands in distance
Farhaven Park, 1918
Dot Island, Chuckanut Bay
Fairhaven High School cheerleaders pose outside school
Part of sailing vessel near dock in Bellingham Bay, with log boom behind and cut lumber on dock in foreground
Bird's Eye View Map of Fairhaven (copy)
Interior of Evertz Bronze Works showing molding process
Two men stainding in virgin forest
Close-up view of "sliming brush" machinery
Pacific American Fisheries steamer "John Cudahy" bedecked by maritime flags
Sternwheel-driven steam ship and dinghy on Bellingham Bay
Left side of panorama triptych including Bellingham Bay from Sehome Hill showing Morse Hardware's dock and warehouse on wharf at center of image
Small community of Park on shore of Lake Whatcom, WA
Fairhaven High School boy basketball player
A pier on Lake Whatcom
Two men shovel snow from Great Northern Railroad tracks adjacent to Pacific American Fisheries salmon cannery warehouse
Cove near the tip of Clark's Point as viewed from Chuckanut Bay
Three men stand outside Kulshan Cigar Store
Several houses covered in snow
View of town of Sehome with Bellingham Flour Mill Company and Pacific American Fishheries warehouses at shoreline
Industrial dockyard with powerplant at Bellingham, Washington (Pacific American Fisheries operation)
Pacific American Fisheries - cannery buildings at Shumagin Island
Copy of a letter sent by Jimmy Pickett to his foster-mother
Man in labcoat and cap holds legs of snow crab while waiting for worker to use bandsaw to cut crab for packaging
View from driveway of small fire station with one fire engine parked inside
Couple standing in front of house
Four men in suits walk forested hillside path
Abandoned buildings with broken storefront windows
Classroom of high school history students and teacher
Pacific American Fisheries cannery docks in Fairhaven with steam-powered tugboats "Ernest A. Hamill", "John Cudahy" and "Charles Councilman"
Camp Go-to-it
Small, tabletop roll-paper automatic picture printer for photography
Buildings of a mining operation sit on forested mountainside
Men tend to fishtrap lines while passenger ferry "Falcon" attaches to fishing barge
A group of men in suits or work aprons, and two women in slacks, stand under awning of Union Printing Binding & Stationary
A group of Fairhaven High School students, most facing away from the camera,  wearing coats and hats, standing together in an outside, covered area, probably part of a school
Three boys pose atop the boiler and inside the smoke stack of a steam engine that has colided with a larger engine
Two men pose against fence in studio portrait
Glacier, Washington
Bellingham & Northern railroad extends from foreground, passing under Great Northern Railroad trellis, with Bellingham shipyard on shore near mouth of Squalicum Creek
A view across a wooded valley toward the Twin Sisters range near Mount Baker.
Industrial site on Bellingham waterfront
Transit Shed, etc. - Excursion Inlet - 1951.
A.W. Talbot, owner of Bellingham Shipyards receives an award certificate
Davenport Engberg Symphony Orchestra
Fire consumes top floor of triangular Bellingham Bay Furniture building, Bellingham, WA
Mt. Baker Marathon participants run through wooded trail
Tacoma musical band seated for performance with conductor at center