1867 - 1972
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Six women, one man, and four children pose along picket fence in front o fttwo-story farmhouse
Rogan Jones
David C. Morse, a young man, stands atop the southeast corner of the B.B. Furniture Building, with downtown Bellingham, WA, visible below
Stand of large evergreens among forest ferns
A stretch of the Nooksack River.
Three boys pose atop the boiler and inside the smoke stack of a steam engine that has colided with a larger engine
Vista of downtown Bellingham and surrounding neighborhoods with several identifiable commercial and residential buildings, including Morse Hardware, The Fair, Lighthouse Theatre, B.B. Grocery Co., G.N. (Great Northern) Furniture Co., City Hall, Courthouse
View from Sehome Hill of Bellingham neighborhoods, with the Whatcom County Agricultural Association Fair Grounds and Race Course in upper center, and forested foothills in distance
Bird's Eye View Map of Fairhaven (copy)
Last Man's Club, February 22, 1940
Government Bulb Farm
Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
Whatcom County Photographs
A prefabricated section of railroad bridge is lowered into place during construction of the Chuckanut Creek railway trestle also known as "Hibridge"
View of Mt. Baker
A lawn with a path leading past maple trees to a hillside staircase
View through trees from old Yacht Club of Chuckanut Bay and Dot Island with multiple small craft moored in bay
Several boats rest in drydock on beach
A small cove partially covered with ice, surrounded by forest
A vintage steam launch travels across Lake Whatcom