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Basketball (Women's) Jersey: #32, Celeste Hill, 1996/2000
1965 Girls Playing Basketball
Basketball (Women's) Plaque: NAIA Hall of Fame, Lynda Goodrich, Basketball Coach, 1987-03
1965 Boys Playing Basketball
Basketball (Women's) Plaque: NCAA Division 2 Statistical Champion, Free-throw percentage, Briana Abrahamsen, 1999
1965 Girls Practicing Foul Shots for Basketball
Basketball (Men's) Trophy: Inspirational Award (front), 1947/1956
Basketball (Men's) Jersey: #32, Duke Wallenborn, 1992
Basketball (Men's) Photograph: Bellingham State Normal School Team, 1906
Basketball (Men's) Plaque: NAIA Hall of Fame, Charles "Chuck" R. Randall, Jr, 1985
Basketball (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1971/1972
Basketball (Men's) Jersey:  #21, Manny Kimmie, 1990
1965 Girls Doing Basketball Drills (Foul Shots)
Basketball (Men's) Jersey: #1, Grant Dykstra, undated
Basketball (Men's) Trophy: NCAA Division 2 Regional Champion, 2013
Basketball (Women's): Signed basketball (side 2), undated
Basketball (Men's) Jersey:  #21, Manny Kimmie, photograph of Manny Kimmie, list of accomplishments, 1990
Basketball (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Co-Champions, 1959/1960
Basketball (Men's) Trophy: County-City league, WWC super-varsity 3rd place, 1940/1941
Basketball (Men's) Certificate: Amateur Basketball Association of the United States of America, certificate of recognition, Kevin Bryant, U.S. Olympic Committee 1st National Sports Festival at Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1978