1899 - 1927
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Personnel of Construction (repair) crew at Flattery Lighthouse
Fog signal in operation at Cape Flattery Lighthouse on Tatoosh Island
Cape Flattery Lighthouse and fog signal on Tatoosh Island
Cape Flattery Lighthouse, fog signal, other buildings
Cape Flattery Lighthouse at top of cliffs on Tatoosh Island.
Structures and Native American camp on shore of Tatoosh Island
Flattery Lighthouse
Large waves crashing against the rocks
Angular rocks on the beach of Tatoosh Island
Ocean breakers crashing against the shore of Tatoosh island
Close shot of ocean wave breaking on shore of Tatoosh Island
View of mainland/Cape Flattery from Tatoosh Island.
View of Cape Flattery Lighthouse showing cliffs of Tatoosh Island.
Portrait of four Cape Flattery Lighthouse keepers
Cape Flattery Lighthouse keepers
Mainland/Cape Flattery from Tatoosh Island.
Tugboat in heavy seas off Tatoosh Island.
Tatoosh Island and Cape Flattery Lighthouse from Cape Flattery
Cape Flattery Lighthouse and entire Island of Tatoosh, from Cape Flattery
Fourth of July beach picnic