1797 - 1799
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Cheslakee's Village in Johnstone's Straits
The Crater on the Summit of Mount Worroray-Owhyhee
A Deserted Indian Village in King George III Sound, New Holland
The Discovery on the Rocks in Queen Charlotte's Sound
Four Remarkable Supported Poles near Port Townsend, Gulf of Georgia
Friendly Cove, Nootka Sound
Hergest's Islands, Discovered By the Daedalus Store Ship
Icy Bay and Mount St. Elias
The Mission of St. Carlos near Monterrey
Mount Rainier From the South part of Admiralty Inlet
The New Eddystone, in Bhem's Canal
Port Dick, Near Cooks Inlet
The Presidio of Monterrey
A Remarkable Mountain near the River of Monterrey
Salmon Cove, Observatory Inlet
The Town of Valparaiso on the Coast of Chili
Views of Headlands and Islands on the Coast of North and South West America
Views of Part of the South West Coast of New Holland with the Islands of Oparo and the Snares
Views of Parts of the Coast of North West America
Views of Parts of the Coast of North West America