1898 - 2008
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1955 New Faculty on the Steps of the Main Building
1950 Fifth Grade Girls Modeling Clay with Mrs. Beltz, Student Teacher
1947 Mira Booth With Students
1948 They Learn To Type Early
1948 Neville Bremer
1946 Bobby Rice and Ann Cilley with Miss Casanova
1945 Georgia Gragg With College Students
1948 Five Year Olds With Paint and Brush
1963 Second Grade Class  with Goldie Vitt
1965 Classroom Lesson
1957 Lynda Samuelson, Student Teacher And Student
1966 Kindergarten Class with Synva Nicol
1945 Fourth Grade Reading Time With Gloria Carey
1956 Marglen Vike
1960 Students teachers relax in Campus School dining room
1962 First Grade Class with Katherine Casanova
1961 Second Grade Class with Mary Irvin
1962 Fifth Grade Class with Thomas Stevens
1962 Sixth Grade Class with Harold Winslow
1964 Leslie Crawford With Sixth Grade Students