1889 - 2016
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Hall of Fame Plaque: Bruce Randall, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Class of 1976
2007 Reunion--Louis Lallas and Evelyn Lallas
1927 Campus Day: Cleaning Up
1948 Rhythms
2011 NCAA Division II National Championship
Hall of Fame Plaque: Mike Vorce, Track and Fielder (Hurdler), Class of 1983
1979 Canada House: Dedication
2007 Reunion--Lyn Zukerkorn, Cyrene (Keyes) Moore and Andra Lee (Brand) Phibbs in Special Collections
1965 Library: Print-Out
1975 Huxley Off-site Project
1971 Students Skiing
1943 Katherine Casanova In Campus School First Grade Office
1948 Evelyn Odom
1943 Clay Modeling
1920 Bellingham Ticket Office (Preprimary)
1980 WWU vs. Lewis-Clark State College
1969 Bond Hall: Snowstorm
1970 Music Annex
1965 Third Graders Play Red Rover
2010 NCAA Division II National Championships