1898 - 2016
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2007 Reunion--Mollie (McCush) Della Terza Examines One Of The Library Displays
2007 Reunion--Carlin Freeberg and Sharon Freeberg with Erling Freeberg and Dolores Freeberg
1949 Miriam Snow
2007 Exhibit--Frank Zurline, Jr. and Loren Rankin
2004 Bay View of Campus
1997 Ridgeway Sigma: Exterior
1911 Training School Swings With Main Building in Background
1900 Training School Second Year
1906 Planting The School Garden
1909 Learning To Sew
1909 Main Building With Training School Wing At Right
1920 Building A Toy Shop (Second Grade)
1911 Training School Students Playing Jump Rope
1926 Play Day Activity
1925 Christmas Gift Shop
1925 Art Activities
1920 Children In Classroom (Primary Grade)
1920 Post Office (Second Grade)
1920 Bargain Counter
1909 Making A Fishing Net