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Between the Mountain and the Lake
This Winter
2012 NCAA Division II Men's Basketball National Champions
2012 NCAA Division II Men's Basketball West Region Final
2012 Mike Berry: Time Capsules Today
2012 Opening the Time Capsules: 1912 Stone
2012 Todd Koetje: 1913 Stone
2012 Excavated Stones: 1912 and 1913
2012 Memory Walk Excavation
2012 Memory Walk
2007 Reunion--Catharine Stimpson and Marian Alexander at the Banquet
2007 Reunion--June (Carrick) Russell, Earl Cilley, Marian Alexander and Peter Smith in Special Collections Exploring the Campus School Photo Gallery
2007 Reunion--Barbara (Welsh) McCollum and Dick McCollum at the Banquet
2007 Reunion--June (Carrick) Russell
2007 Reunion--Anne (Morey) Hildebrand, Jim Hildebrand, Marian Alexander and Florence (Winsor) Helliesen in Special Collections
2007 Reunion--Beret (Funkhouser) Harmon, Ruth (Rairdon) Vaughn and Donald Rairdon in Special Collections
2007 Reunion--Chris Harwood in Special Collections
2007 Reunion (Saturday) Denny Lewis and Judy (Hall) Lewis with Jane (Ambrose) Kelly
2007 Reunion--Anne (Morey) Hildebrand, Elizabeth Morrow and Ed Morrow
2007 Reunion--Dorothy Stimpson and Wendy (Jackson) Reeder