1797 - 2016
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17th Annual Anacortes Arts and Crafts Festival
1899 Catherine Montgomery
1899 Sarah (Sadie) Rogers
1900 Training School Second Year
1902 Primary Grade Class
1902 Training School Wing of Main Building
1903 Training School Students
1903 View of Campus From Waterfront
1906 Planting The School Garden
1909 Class In Cooking (Eighth Grade)
1909 Learning To Sew
1909 Main Building With Training School Wing At Right
1909 Making A Fishing Net
1909 May Pole
1909 Three Boys Working in Shop
1909 Training School Students By Kibbe's Pond
1909 Training School Students Gardening
1910 Training School Students
1911 Training School Students Playing Jump Rope
1911 Training School Swings With Main Building in Background