1797 - 2016
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1925-1931 Mount Baker Club Scrapbook
2002 Fall Student Convocation
1927 Freshman Field Hockey
Federation of College Women's Athletics Conference
Hall of Fame Plaque: Jon Brunaugh, Football (Running back), Class of 2007
Football Trophy: Northwest Viking Inspirational Trophy, 1933/1938
Hall of Fame Plaque: Lorne Davies, Alumnus, Class of 1994
Basketball (Men's) Photograph: #1 Grant Dykstra, Consensus All-American, leading scorer in WWU history, 2005/2006
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Conference Champions, 1943
Basketball (Women's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1986
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Invitational (side 1), 1973/2012
Wrestling (Men's) Photograph: Lee Anderson, NAIA Wrestling Champions, 1971
Basketball (Women's) Plaque: Kodak All-America Team, NCAA Division 2, Celeste Hill, 2000
Golf (Women's) Plaque: NAIA Pacific Northwest Athletic Conference Champions, 1998
Archery Group Photo
Basketball (Men's) Trophy: Inspirational Award (back), 1947/1956
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, Two Male Members of the Blue Barnacles Swim Club
Baseball Game
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, on the Road
1931 Freshman Soccer