1797 - 2016
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2007 Reunion--Louis Lallas and Evelyn Lallas
1948 Rhythms
Mount St. Helens.
2007 Reunion--Lyn Zukerkorn, Cyrene (Keyes) Moore and Andra Lee (Brand) Phibbs in Special Collections
1965 Library: Print-Out
1943 Katherine Casanova In Campus School First Grade Office
1948 Evelyn Odom
Large group of finely dressed men and women in a ball room gather at center of room to pose for photograph
1943 Clay Modeling
1920 Bellingham Ticket Office (Preprimary)
1965 Third Graders Play Red Rover
1997 Ridgeway Omega
Page 78e
Page 10
The crater, seen from the pyroclastic flow.
Page 72
Laundry delivery truck (Sedro Woolley Steam Laundry)
1995 Haskell Plaza
Page 60