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Grant Senour Photographs Album B
View from behind of a small family with a dog looking out over vista with sparse trees, Bellingham Bay, WA, and dirigible Akron seen faintly in sky
A large group (ca. 85) men, women and children at a plumber's event
Unidentified man and woman in tilled field
Elmheim (Roeder house)
Picture Section [Fairhaven]
Whatcom County Photographs
Dyer Family Photograph Album
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-12-15
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-10-16 Base of dam
George Wallace
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1980 Ridgeway Commons
1967 Ridgeway Sigma
1997 Ridgeway Sigma: Exterior
1900 Senior Class
1948 Chuckanut Mountain: Group at Summit
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Northwestern Shipyard, Bellingham, Washington
General Trophy: Extempore Cup, Washington State Normal, 1927/1931
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Conference Champions, 1943
J.J. Donovan's house at 13th and McKenzie Streets - exterior of home and fenced yard with boardwalk
Soccer (Women's) Plaque: NAIA West Region Area, Runner-Up, 1991
Soccer (Women's) Jersey: #3, Annette Duvall, 1982/1984
Saddled Horses
Dot Island, Chuckanut Bay
Lake Whatcom with Blue Canyon
Six machinists and supervisor stand in machine shop
Close-up view of "sliming brush" machinery
Exterior of windowed storefronts on Elk (State) Street, Bellingham, WA
Woman in long overcoat stands in garden of residence
Fairhaven High School boys pose in two rows in front of school
Baseball Game
1942 Fourth Grade Students With Miss Kinsman And Miss Purnell (Class 4-A)
Two young men with older man pose in front of stone building
1955 Football Practice
1961 Third Grade Class with Corinne Klann
1965 Boys Playing Basketball
2007 Exhibit--Andra Lee (Brand) Phibbs and Christine Zurline
2007 Exhibit--Jack Kienast
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, "Who Moved the Camera?"
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, "Look Out Rock, You're Gonna Fall"
2007 Reunion--Peter Lee and Jake Smith
2007 Reunion--Earl Cilley
Several people on beach
View of inshore islands from deck of ship
Bellingham Fire Department - antique fire engine is pulled by horses in a parade
A cove at the end of Clark's Point looking out onto Chuckanut Bay
Peter Denis
Five children holding ration books pose atop cannon monument in Elizabeth Park, Bellingham, WA
Salmon Egg Charley
Two men in athletic track uniforms pose next to each other
Exterior of brick building with incinerator or boiler equipment and exhaust stacks adjacent
A close-up of cannery tender the Warrior in Elliott Bay
Man stands in rowboat at shoreline of Bellingham Bay with land and buildings in distance
Pacific American Fisheries employees, Bellingham, Washington
Construction of the brick headquarters of Pacific American Fisheries at 4th and Harris streets, with railroad running adjacent, south Bellingham, WA
Unidentified white-haired man sitting outdoors on a folding metal lawn chair, holding a miniature replica of a cannon
Aerial view of waterfront and downtown Bellingham including intersection of Champion and Bay streets
1916 Students' Association: Employees
View from water of docks and warehouses of Pacific American Fisheries cannery at Anacortes, WA
1925-1931 Mount Baker Club Scrapbook
Mountains and Travels
Rebecca Valrejean: Showcase Concert Announcement
1942 Singing With Mira Booth
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Students sit at desks and stand against far wall with teacher in a classroom
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-10-10 Base construction
1970 Ridgeway Sigma: Interior
Two rows of young men, possibly students
1924 Fifth Grade Girls in Gymnasium
View of the rolling hills of Fairhaven at the turn of the 20th century
Railroad through lumber yard with houses in background
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1958
Scenic Wonders Portland and Columbia River
Naknek Photographs, Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
A teacher standing with twelve students of various ages in front of a simple, small wooden schoolhouse
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
Small lake surrounded by trees
Fishtrap tender "Sachem" and crew pull alongside fishing barge
Two men in butcher coats pose behind massive fish displayed on butcher table
Mt. Baker (Henry C. Engberg photograph album)
Aerial view of part of Bellingham, WA, industrial waterfront with cold-storage warehouses, fuel tanks, moored vessels, and houses along Eldridge avenue on bluff at top
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1943 Boys Cooking
Side view of young Guernsey cow
1946 Jean (Wagner) Shephard
Interior industrial scene with water-bath grinding wheel and chain cradle
Large government office building with tall windows, manicured lawn
1948 Campus Day: Pop-Drinking Contest
Fish processing machinery called The Smith Butchering Machine
1993 Reunion--Banquet
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, "Floating Number With a Staight Line!"
Hall of Fame Plaque: Steve Chronister, Tennis, Class of 2011
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Rustic viewing platform at one of Whatcom Creek's falls.
A group of men, women, and children pose in front of and around log cabin in woods
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1966
1955 Commencement
1965 Girls Playing Basketball (Jump Ball)
View from above of torn cloth cap laying on wood deck
Georgia Pacific lumber mill site with Great Northern Railroad line in foreground
1973 Richard O. Starbird
Canadian Pacific Railway Company diesel ferry "Motor Princess" with passengers on deck
View westward from above Cowlitz Glacier, Mt. Rainier, WA
Ferry heavily laden with passengers travels across Bellingham Bay, WA
Saint Paul Island
The original  Meridian Street entrance to Cornwall Park, constructed from large logs
Four men stand together in front of Egyptian-themed mural, with two of the men displaying studio portraits
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-09-23 Lower Cofferdam - Flood area
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-08-21 cofferdam
1970 Ridgeway Delta
Storefronts of main street, Petersburg, AK
Mt. Baker from Shuksan, Engberg.
1981 Addition Plaza, Stairway to Lower Level & Garden Street
Unidentified diesel powered supply vessel tied to Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) dock, Bellingham, WA
Storefront of Underwood & Minturn selling hardware, stoves, tinware, with several men in suits standing in front of both doorways, goods and merchandise on display in windows
Small fleet of Pacific American Fisheries' salmon cannery tenders rest in drydock
1949 Construction
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, Swimmer Posing in Pool
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-09-24 Restoration of cofferdam
1928 Joseph And His Brethren (Fifth Grade)
1973 Steve Inge
Hall of Fame Plaque: Don Trethewey, Track and Field (Steeplechase), Class of 1977
Mt. Baker Lodge
Young girl (possibly Catherine Deming) holding decorated christening bottle
A man sits with two dogs in simple, early automobile, Larrabee Avenue at 19th street
Unidentified group of men, possibly in downtown Bellingham, Washington
1970 Addition Viewed From The North
1944 Making Clay Figures
Fairhaven High School football player
Senator Slade Gorton
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A piece of motorized equipment on display
1960 Commencement
Man and woman pose on grounds of landmark or monument in Washington, D.C.
Reverent W. Robert Webb
Basketball game in gymnasium with light pouring in through upper windows
Three men stand outside Fairhaven Pharmacy, with advertisements painted on sides of building, 12th Street, Bellingham, WA
Hall of Fame Plaque: Genevie Pfueller-Donnelly, Cross-Country Running, Track and Field, Class of 1999
Four young children, three girls and a boy, pose in fine clthes for studio portrait
Two women walk towards front exterior of Paramount Theater, Mount Vernon, WA
Monument - English Camp, San Juan Island
1952 Auditorium-Music Building: Dedication
1971 Student in Snow
Toddler girl sits in chair for portrait
Grant Senour Photographs Album A
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-09-25 Access bridge
Page 89
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Invitational (front), 1973/2012
1968 Commencement
1949 Synva Nicol With Students
1964 Fifth Grade with Linnea Lilja
Exterior of the R.V. Palmerton Hay, Feed, and Seed Company's four-story brick Waldron Block building in Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA
1935 The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Fairhaven High School football player
The American Theater on Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, Washington
Studio portrait of S.R. Gilbert in suit and tie
Bellingham Plywood Corporation - Bellingham, Washington
Soccer (Women's) Trophy: Northwest Collegiate Conference Champion, 1983/1984
Cannery Tender Minnehaha
1948 Sixth Grade Boys With John Clark, Student Teacher
Exterior of 2.5-story house with children sitting on front corner porc
Pacific American Fisheries emergency equipment
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Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-05-21 Concrete Surface Run #110 El.287.3
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-05-22 Penstocks 2N & 2S
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-05-25 Rock Surface W. Side Run #114
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-07-03 Placing Concrete N. Wall
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-04-26 Upstream Face of Dam
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-05-11 Concrete Surface Run #100 El.287.3
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-05-15 Gravel Pit
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-07-12 Concrete Surface Run #159 El.373
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-07-03 4th Floor Beams
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Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-06-26 3rd Floor P.H.
Holly St at Night
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-08-09 Unit #2
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-08-03 Method of Stripping Forms on the Upstream Face of Dam
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-08-28 Power House
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-08-27 Tail Race
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-09-06 Power House
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-10-28 Rock Surface #249
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-07-25 Key way Timbers Run #172 El.3845
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-07-24 Setting Roof Purlins
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-07-30 Concrete Surface Run #177 El.373
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-08-11 Rock Surface #185 W. Side El.347
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-11-16 Lake Shannon (with railroad trestle)
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-11-20 Lake Shannon (with railroad trestle)
View from rocky ocean or lake shore across water to snow-covered mountain range.
1927 Campus Day: Eating at Picnic Table