1912 - 1961
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Deck of a Pacific American Fisheries transport ship
Japanese Mitsui Line lumber ship "Tenyo Maru"
Pacific American Fisheries transport ship "Firwood" loaded with pilings, anchored at unidentified pier
A complex of fishtraps and tender huts sits above the water
Bow and starboard view of fishing vessel run aground on rock at high tide
A partially sunken tugboat still attached to boomsticks of a log raft
View from deck of superstructure of Pacific American Fisheries transport ship
View of inshore islands from deck of ship
View on horizon of a cannery ship billowing smoke from onboard fire
Groundlevel view of water lapping on shore with cannery and small community in distance
Fully-laden fishing vessel of the Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) fleet in waters with mountains in distance
A large sail/steam ship is towed by tugboat
Several workers pull fishtrap nets full of salmon towards dock
A worker brails salmon into holding scow
Three men brailing salmon from a fishtrap
A man holds onto a net full of fish as it hangs above deck of boat
Two workers brailing salmon into holding scow
Two men guide a canoe to net fish
Nets of a fishtrap teem with salmon
Purse-seiner Jokol/Birdie B plys the waters as men guide the net into the water