1857 - 1990
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Wood-sided school bus with school children and bus driver Charles Bourn of the Glacier-to-Deming, WA, bus route
Aerial view of early Glacier, WA, with BB&BC railroad, train depot, houses, community hall, Glacier Hotel
Studio portrait of Ed Jukes
Close up photograph of seated, elderly Archie W. Shiels in three-piece suit
Cultivated field surrounded by trees with water inlet beyond, at "Collins Point" as indicated on photograph
Storefront of Puget Sound Bottling Works in Fairhaven, WA, along wood-planked 11th street with early-model car and buggy with two horses parked in front
View from above of Armistice Day parade with women in white carrying American flags, marching by crowd of onlookers standing in front of imposing, columned building with two huge American flags
Dr. Sheldon Jackson, in native Alaskan winter garb
Studio portrait of adolescent boy in suit
Studio portrait of George Karlson in suit and tie
Unidentified location with scrubland in foreground, bunker-like mounds in rows beyond, town on hillside in distance
View from balcony of stage with actors or dancers performing, organist below stage.
Chuckanut Quarry - group of workers
John Bennett and his heather from Mt. Beaker
Lime kiln operation at Roche Harbor, WA, seen from above with trestled railroad tracks and train with cars full of lime stones above the hoppers full of limestone, ready for the kilns directly below
Paul Woodring
E.B. Deming, Arthur Deming (seated) with Bert Huntoon, Thad McGlinn, and D.M. Brosseau (standing) in business office
Photocopy of article titled "Jimmie Pickett Pictures Bay" describing the birds painting Pickett did of Bellingham Bay in 1888
Two men standing on a pier, looking toward a heavily laden barge labelled Juneau
Unidentified (pulley contraption?)