1872 - 2013
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1902 Seniors
1960 Commencement
Methodist-Episcopal Church at Clinton and J Streets - Exterior corner view of church with steeple
Farhaven Park, 1918
1940 Mount Baker Climb
1965 Ridgeway Commons
1954 Commencement
Fairhaven High School cheerleaders pose outside school
Part of sailing vessel near dock in Bellingham Bay, with log boom behind and cut lumber on dock in foreground
1955 Old Main Sign
Interior of Evertz Bronze Works showing molding process
1975 Addition, View From Garden Street
Close-up view of "sliming brush" machinery
Sternwheel-driven steam ship and dinghy on Bellingham Bay
Left side of panorama triptych including Bellingham Bay from Sehome Hill showing Morse Hardware's dock and warehouse on wharf at center of image
Fairhaven High School boy basketball player
Two men shovel snow from Great Northern Railroad tracks adjacent to Pacific American Fisheries salmon cannery warehouse
1967 Commencement
1971 Students in Snow
Three men stand outside Kulshan Cigar Store