1857 - 1990
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View through trees of four ships of the American fleet anchored off shore near Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Mill, Bellingham Bay
Port view of "Windber" cannery vessel in Bellingham Bay
Chip Groom, G.A. McIntosh, Frazer Jenkins and unidentified man in from of G.A. McIntosh general store
Six women, one man, and four children pose along picket fence in front o fttwo-story farmhouse
An alpine lake and steep gorge with ice covered cliffs.
Studio portrait of  H. Humphrey, Bellingham,WA
Studio portrait of C.T. Lathrop
Daniel and William Palmer in their Civil War uniforms holding their army pistols
Two women and an elderly man sit on logs with a picnic spread before them
A man holding his hat stands between two women while they share a laugh, standing on a forest lane
Guy Elwyn Everett
Studio portrait of Harry Finley
Studio portrait of Frank W. Burpee
Studio portrait of R.W. Clark
Dead Man's Point
Studio portrait of Captain W.B. Knight
Stanley Tarrant and four unidentified men
Peter Camfferman, artist
Studio portrait of Elizabeth Newman
35 men in business attire and military uniforms pose in three rows behind table and American flag