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1867 - 1972
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1971 Alumni Meeting in Whatcom County
Classroom with students at desks, woman teacher sits at front of room
Large group of school children pose on steps of school with American flag at top of steps
Canoes, tents, boat building, and repair shop at Native American fishing camp
School children posing in front of school
Transport station for Chuckanut Quarry [MISSING]
Runners race along trail of Mt. Baker Marathon with onlookers in background
Crowds gather under circus tents
Several people playing on beach
Man in horse-drawn buggy travels down dirt road next to irrigation ditch, surrounded by corrals and farmland
Man seated in boat fishing in Bellingham Bay
Seven people stand atop railcar hauling the largest single load of lumber ever shipped from the State of Washington
Benson Farmhouse, Lynden (Wash.) with family and horses posing in front
Car ferry docked at pier
Mt. Baker with Chain Lakes
Studio portrait of Charlotte "Lottie" Roeder Roth in profile
Sunshine School - school children pose with teacher outside schoolhouse
Vanse R. Bartlett and Mr. Dobbs , Chucknut Drive - two men repair tire on side of road
Player prepares for free-throw in basketball game in gymnasium
Native American men stand with canoe and salmon on beach