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Grant Senour Photographs Album B
Picture Section [Fairhaven]
Whatcom County Photographs
Dyer Family Photograph Album
1925-1931 Mount Baker Club Scrapbook
Mountains and Travels
Rebecca Valrejean: Showcase Concert Announcement
Scenic Wonders Portland and Columbia River
Naknek Photographs, Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
Mt. Baker (Henry C. Engberg photograph album)
Mt. Baker Lodge
Grant Senour Photographs Album A
Bellingham Plywood Corporation - Bellingham, Washington
Gamwell family photograph album
Hall of Fame Plaque: Rudy Thomas, Basketball, Class of 2013
Football Jersey and Photograph: Steve Richardson with record of official action to retire jersey  #21, 1967
Mt. Baker Lodge covered in snow
Aerial view across clouds to mountain range
1949 Ruth Kelsey With Student
Page 16
Page 67
Western Symphony Orchestra rehearsal
1968 Orca Whale in captivity at Stanley Park (Contact Sheet)
1965 Orca Whale "Namu" (Negative Set #2 of 3)
Fifth Annual Gay Awareness Symposium
Sexual Minorities Rap Group
Wade King Student Recreation Center
Viking Launch 2017
Union of Sexual Minorities 7th Annual Symposium
WWU Students Around Campus
Another view of the lava dome, without the spire showing.
Snow melting in the bottom of the crater.
The lava dome, showing a spire on top.
The lava dome.
Item 52310 (verso)
Item 54130 (recto)
Between the Mountain and the Lake
Item ALG2 (verso)
Channeled debris flow with Spirit Lake in the background.
Dutch Book of Hours early 1400 [item 38469]
Unidentified bifolium leaves [item 40843_40842]
Unidentified bifolium leaves [item 40749_40746]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item 41743]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item 41734]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item 41735]
Unidentified bifolium leaves [item 40733_40730]
Unidentified bifolium leaves [item 40740_40739]
13th Century Book of Hours
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item 2881]
French Book of Hours circa early 1400 [item 317]
15th Century Book of Hours [item 598]
French Bible 13th Century [item 3105]
French Bible 13th Century [item 3144]
French Bible 13th Century [item 2985]
French Bible 13th Century [item 3096]
French Bible 13th Century [item 3147]
Unidentified manuscript leaf [item 52310]
Antiphonal or Responsorial circa 1450 [item 54136]
Antiphonal or Responsorial circa 1450 [item 54129]
Unidentified manuscript leaf [item 52311]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item ALG2]
Antiphonal or Responsorial circa 1450 [item 54130]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [ALG3]
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item 20770]
St. Augustine Breviary, undated [item 4181]
Dutch Book of Hours early 1400 [item 38460]
Unidentified manuscript leaf [item 32315]
13th Century Psalter [item 18980]
13th Century Psalter [item 18954]
St. Augustine Breviary, undated [item 4181a]
Dutch Book of Hours early 1400 [item 38465]
1987 Paul Ford
Cover Page
1984 Memory Walk: Marble Installation
1965 Library: Signage
Tennis (Women's) Trophy: NW Collegiate Tourney (back), 1967/1971
Soccer (Women's) Plaque: Pacific Northwest Athletic Conference NAIA Champions, 1994/1995
Track and Field (Women's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1984
View across water of ferry landing at Goosberry Point with Mt. Baker in the distance
Woman standing on pier with Mt Baker visible in the distance
Studio portrait of unidentified man in suit with moustache
Formal studio portrait of one man seated with violin, one man posing behind him
Four women in formal dresses, possibly as part of beauty pageant, stand in row
2007 Reunion--Bobbie Bouverat and Marilyn Richardson
2007 Reunion--Bruce Blood and Rita Blood
2007 Reunion--Bill Palmer and Kaye Palmer
Cross-Country Running (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen conference 1st place (back), 1973
Golf (Men's) Trophy: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1959
Basketball (Men's) Photograph: #1 Grant Dykstra, Consensus All-American, leading scorer in WWU history, 2005/2006
Soccer (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1990
Golf (Men's) Certificate: Capital One Academic All-American Team, Xavier Dailly, 2010/2011
Volleyball (Women's) Photograph: Lorrie Post, Outside Hitter, 1989/1990
Basketball (Men's) Certificate: Academic All-American Team, Rory Blanche, 2011/2012
2007 Reunion--Wini (Breakey) White
2007 Reunion--Sonja Chorba and Bob Monahan
2007 Reunion--Karen Mustacich and Andy Pete Mustacich in Special Collections
2007 Exhibit--Marian Alexander and Scott Wallin
2007 Reunion--Violet Malone and Lonnie Perrin at the Banquet
Train collision - Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul locomotive with T.E. 3 R.R., Great Northern 22403 locomotive
Milk delivery truck standing on roadway
Hall of Fame Plaque: Gary White, Men's Basketball (Forward), Class of 1986
Baseball Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1961
Football Jersey and Photograph:  Jersey #35 and photograph of Wade Gebers, list of honors and records, 1993/1996
Hall of Fame Plaque: John Hunt, Track and Field (Long Jump), Class of 1987
Hall of Fame Plaque: Herbert Hearsey, Administrator, Class of 1982
Portrait (possibly a school picture) of young Myer Jay Bornstein
Mt. Baker
Woman hiker with Mt. Baker in background
Grouse Ridge above Heliotrope Ridge
Campsite near Chain Lakes
Easton Glacier
Hikers at Roosevelt Glacier
Eagle Nest
Table Mountain from Austin Pass
Mt. Baker Crevasse
Three Hikers
Woman and child by water
Unidentified man in uniform
Aerial view of mountain crater
Aerial view of mountain crater
Two men and woman with model T
Woman and child on bicycle
Aerial view of mountain range
Car covered in snow
Sea plane
Sea plane
Aerial view of glacier
Two children
Woman and child on steps of house
Two men with model T
Men in military uniform
Men on horseback
Men on horseback
Climbers on ice face
Entrance to snow-covered cabin
Group pose with vehicle carrying skis
Aerial of mountain
Group pose at entrance to snow-covered cabin
Shuksan cabin
Unidentified individuals with mountains in background
Group pose with vehicle carrying skis
Seattle's "Hooverville"
Child with goats
panoramic view of Bellingham and Bellingham Bay (part 3 of triptych)
panoramic view of Bellingham and Bellingham Bay (part 2 of triptych)
panoramic view of Bellingham and Bellingham Bay (part 1 of triptych)
Salzburg sculpture
Gillnetters waiting turn of Tide. Puget Sound, Wash.
Page 1
Man in military uniform
Man in military uniform
View from cabin to snow
Rock climbers
Mountain range
Snow covered cabin
Skiiers at Mt. Rainier
Sea plane
Wooden cabin
Aerial of mountain
Aerial view across Table Mountain to Mt. Shuksan
Climbers on ice face
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Mt. Index. Jacobs Photo
Cabin in snow
Cabin in snow
skiiers with unidentified mountain range
Album Cover
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