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1980 Judy Irving and Jo Metzger
2007 Reunion--Louis Lallas and Evelyn Lallas
1980 WWU vs.  University of Washington
1948 Rhythms
2011 NCAA Division II National Championship
Downriver view of Rock Island Dam with railroad in foreground
Islands and water viewed through railings from mid-deck of a ship
2007 Reunion--Lyn Zukerkorn, Cyrene (Keyes) Moore and Andra Lee (Brand) Phibbs in Special Collections
Aerial view of semi-rural neighborhood, Bellingham, Washington, with Northwest Avenue bisecting the foreground and coal mining operation in distance
Johnson Country Home. Pacific Highway, near Burlington
1948 Evelyn Odom
Large group of finely dressed men and women in a ball room gather at center of room to pose for photograph
Workers unload salmon from barge at dock
1943 Clay Modeling
Small child stands next to large flowering bush with dog
1980 WWU vs. Lewis-Clark State College
1999 Sara Nichols
Four storey building and businesses at Cornwall and Holly, Bellingham, Washington
Very crowded street scene in Nome, Alaska, with throngs of men, a few women, horses and wagons filling the street
1965 Third Graders Play Red Rover
2010 NCAA Division II National Championships
1979 Jan Johnston
Lieut. Col. Glen W. Campbell and General James P. Hodges
Crowds gather under circus tents
Two men brailing salmon
Edwin Ahern - Organist, Avalon Theatre
British Camp, San Juan Island - Burial monument overlooking water through trees
Postcard photograph of Lake Whatcom Logging Company's ALCO No. 1 engine on lakeside tracks  with a long train of lumber cars as the logs begin splashing into the lake
Snow-covered lawn and Larrabbee mansion
1980 WWU vs. Central Washington University
Fire engines with hoses and ladders fight structure fire as it billows smoke, with people watching from street below
A group of six women and a couple stand on porch of two-story residence with picket fence
1976 Diane Bjerke
1984 Rhonda Haag
Multiple prints of image of group of people standing on dock with scow and crane or dredge tied to dock
Woman poses on modeling platform in full-length dress
1947 Eighth Grade Boys And The YMCA
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, on the Road
1944 Making Clay Figures
Icebox-refrigerator on display with promotional sign with Bellingham Herald newspaper headlining the Fairhaven School fire from which the refrigerator was removed
1967 Reading Center
1959 Reading Time
1987 Anya Aardahl
American Legion Albert J. Hamilton Post No. 7
1998 Softball Team
1988 WWU vs. Central Washington University
Studio portrait of P.J. Murphy
Front exterior of two-story house with front bay window and small porch
1927 Volleyball Team
Football game at Battersby Field with Whatcom High School in the distance
1949 Sixth Grade Class
1987 Lynda Goodrich
An unidentified man standing in front of stacks of wooden crates, holding a harpoon-like instrument with an unidentified white mass speared on its end.
1988 WWU vs. Seattle University
Portrait of older man with small moustache
1979  Bonna Schibret
1976 Beth Barrett
1944 Teaching Techniques (Campus School 109)
1949 Synva Nicol With Students
2010 NCAA Division II National Championships
1943 Reading Corner In Fifth Grade Classroom
Crew and family on deck of navy ship
Large group of men in suits pose outside front doors of Fish and Wildlife Service Fishery Products Laboratory
Mary D - Owner's Room
2007 Reunion--Barbara Cunningham and Lance Lindell
Gaudette Estate
1926 Horseback Riding
Paul Woodring
Gunnar Anderson and parents
Fish processing machinery called The Smith Butchering Machine
1947 How's This, Coach?
1986 WWU vs. Saint Martin's College
Fairhaven High School girls' basketball team
Old Main Covered in Snow
1985 Lynda Goodrich
Sunset Block on corner of Holly Street in Bellingham, Washington
Fairhaven High School school students work among desks piled high with papers, possibly a school newspaper classroom
1965 Students Regard A Goose
High Jump
1926 Horseback Riding
Gasoline-powered fishing vessel "Kenmore" dockside
1949 Shirley Johnson, Secretary, Campus School
2010 NCAA Division II National Championships
Unidentified machine manufactured by Warren & Smith, Fairhaven, Wash.
1944 Bookcase in Junior High Classroom
Fairhaven High School students sit around a table with a teacher and principal E.S. Howell
1948 Fifth Graders Working On An Art Project