1797 - 2016
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Six men and a boy in a room with several deer/elk heads and other stuffed animals and birds on the walls and on high shelves
Mountaineering on the Pacific (copy of article from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 39, Nov. 1869), page 7
Launching of the Catherine D., the Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) ship named for Catherine Deming,
Karsten Hemmingsen
Sumas Roundup - six horses and riders
Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) Cannery - King Cove - Alaska
Sam Hill and others standing in front of the two ship plaques at the International Peace Arch
Delivering the salmon catch at a Pacific American Fisheries cannery in Alitak, Alaska
Unidentified couples - possibly a wedding photograph
Several men, some in rain slickers, standing amidst outstretched hoses on wooden dock
The 'Geneva' - First Steamboat on Lake Whatcom - 1888
Magnified cross-section of salmon skin.
Group of three women and a man, all unidentified
Judge Burke, Sam Hill and Frank Terrace at the site of the International Peace Arch
View toward Chuckanut Island in Chuckanut Bay with Lummi Island to the right
Boston-Okanogan Apple Company Shipping shed, Malott
Elementary school class
An unidentified rocky, shallow stream/river
Glendale School
Unidentified mountain lake probably in the North Cascades