1911 - 1939
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Sunset Glow - Southeast Alaska
Large steam/sail vessel "S.S. Clevedon" docked at Alitak, Alaska
Distant view from water of Pacific American Fisheries cannery facility in Southeast Alaska
View from shore of three-masted vessel at Nelson Lagoon, Alaska, with warehouse on land opposite
Large cannery freight ship docked at Pacific American Fisheries cannery, Alaska
Salmon - Alaska.
Peter Hitco, Excusion Inlet, Alaska - Motorized fishing vessel "Vis IV" with American flag
Diamond "N" Fish cannery building at Pacific American Fisheries Naknek, Alaska, cannery.
View across water of warehouse or cannery with several beached cannery tenders
Smoke billows from stacks of warehouses at dock
Water view of three steam-powered cannery tenders and steamship
View from water of waterfront cannery and several drydocked vessels
View from deck of ship of raft traveling towards shore with Pavlov Island volcanic mountains in distance
S.S.A.G. Lindsay - April 1911. Near Sand Point. View from stern of ice-coated deck of ship
View from deck of King Cove cannery buildings
View from grassy field of a Pacific American Fisheries cannery in Alaska with three-masted ship anchored in adjacent waterway
Warehouses on docks with tugboat at Excursion Inlet
Two fishing vessels, "S.S. Canada" and "S.S. Imbricaria" are moored at docks of King, Cove, AK
Quadra Salmon Hatchery - taking eggs from female sockeye