1912 - 1961
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Salmon tumble from nets into holding scow
Diverse crew of fishermen stand on deck of steam-sail vessel
Three men observe net in fishtrap full of fish
Posts, beams, nets of fish trap at shoreline
Two ocean-class freight ships in Puget Sound waters
A large sail/steam ship is towed by tugboat
Fully-laden fishing vessel of the Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) fleet in waters with mountains in distance
Wooden beams stacked on beach in foreground, five-masted cargo vessel docked in background
Motorized boat with American flag
A complex of fishtraps and tender huts sits above the water
Pacific American Fisheries transport ship "Firwood" loaded with pilings, anchored at unidentified pier
Groundlevel view of water lapping on shore with cannery and small community in distance
Cannery buildings at shoreline in unidentified location
Purse-seiner Jokol/Birdie B plys the waters as men guide the net into the water
Purse Seining for salmon, Puget Sound - vessel with net cast in water
Japanese Mitsui Line lumber ship "Tenyo Maru"
Two workers brailing salmon into holding scow
Several workers pull fishtrap nets full of salmon towards dock
Several men work to brail salmon from fishtraps into holding scow
Catherine D (Pacific American Fisheries)