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1910 - 1965
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Four men pose next to huge halibut hung from forklift with fishtraps stacked in background
Pacific American Fisheries cannery and wharf at base of mountain at remote Taku, Alaska
Bayside cannery facility with steamer vessel moored at dock, Matan Bay, Alaska
Fokker prop plane with "Detroit Arctic Expedition , G.H. Wilkins, Commander" written on its side, parked on ice field with three heavily-clad people standing beside it  with their gear strewn nearby
Pacific American Fisheries' Excursion Inlet Cannery - Superintendent's residence
Actor Frank Morgan of "The Wizard of Oz" fame
Pacific American Fisheries vessel "Hekla" beached with other craft
Pacific American Fisheries cannery and wharf at remote George Inlet, Alaska
View from shore of fishing tender, the Warrior, beached in ice, tilting
Blurry photograph taken of television screen playing movie "Ice Castles"
View from hillside above of Alitak cannery warehouses and dock
Floating Salmon Trap
Map of Alaska, British Columbia, and north Puget Sound showing the location of the salmon canneries of Pacific American Fisheries
Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
Three men in rowboat on Nelson River, Alaska, one man standing on marshy shore
Two men standing on bank of Bear River, Alaska
Construction of large building on pilings at shoreline
Steam/sail fishing vessel sails towards shore
King Cove, Alaska, 1st store - warehouse with bagged and boxed goods piled outside
Portrait of Mrs. Fred (The Priest) Pletnikoxx and family