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1942 First Grade Students Play With Blocks and Trains (Class 1-C)
Hall of Fame Plaque: Ray Ciszek, Administrator and Coach, Class of 2011
1965 Boy Playing
Four unidentified hikers (one appears to be a child) standing at the edge of a snowfield and tarn with Mt. Baker looming over them in the background.
page 6
Rebecca Valrejean Photo
Eiffel Tower at Night
1967 Reading Center
1960 Student teachers relax in Campus School dining room
Mount Vernon petroleum storage facility.
Frank Wright's house, Lummi Island
Football Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1971
2007 Reunion--Penny Lea (Cyr) Van Buren (center) and Tanya Pemberton (right)
Sunset on Mt. Baker, Washington
1944 Teacher Resources
Climbers on ice face
Pacific American Fisheries' steamship "Oakwood" docked in south Bellingham with South Hill neighborhood in background
1943 Students Weaving
Unidentified man
1965 Orca Whale "Namu" (Negative Set #2 of 3)
Davenport Engberg Symphony Orchestra
2007 Reunion--Larry Johnson
Anthony Shull
2007 Reunion--Chris Harwood in Special Collections
1965 Library: Circulation Desk
Hall of Fame Plaque: Hank Chamberlin, Men's Basketball (Center), Class of 2002
2007 Reunion--Lyn Zukerkorn, Cyrene (Keyes) Moore and Andra Lee (Brand) Phibbs in Special Collections
WWU Students Around Campus
Building Bridges
Page 10
The crater, seen from the pyroclastic flow.
1948 Rhythms
Reverse aerial close-up view of Yocum Ridge and upper Reid Glacier from Illumination Saddle
1959 Campus Elementary School
1992 Homecoming Barbecue
Hall of Fame Plaque: Boyde Long, Admisitrator and Coach, Class of 1995
1967 French Skit
French Bible 13th Century [item 3096]
Bellingham's second City Hall designed by Leonard William Somerville Bindon
Jerry Flora
Milk delivery truck standing on roadway
1949 Evelyn Odom
1965 Girls Doing Field Hockey Drills
Football Photograph: Steve Richardson, Official action to retire jersey #21, 1967
Page 1
View of Bellingham, WA, waterfront and harbor area.
A little by and little girl sit in row boat on lake
Unidentified mountain range
1947 Eighth Grade Boys And The YMCA
2007 Reunion--Jack Carver and Toni Nagel at the Banquet
page 4
1976 Beth Barrett
1944 Teaching Techniques (Campus School 109)
View of Baker Hotel in downtown Bellingham, WA.
2007 Reunion--Frances (Winslow) Sudduth
1925 Training School Library
Mountaineering on the Pacific (copy of article from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 39, Nov. 1869), page 1
Studio portrait of Ed Cowgill
1928 Training School Theatre Production
1959 Flags Of Other Nations (Project)
1943 Campus School First Graders At Work
2007 Reunion--Barbara (Berglund) Bosse, Georgia (McCush) Heald and Mollie (McCush) Della Terza
1948 Leslie Hunt
1935 Sixth Grade Class
1947 Synva Nicol Reading To Kindergarten Class
2007 Reunion--Jack Carver at the Banquet
Hall of Fame Plaque: Dave Emery, Men's Swimming (100M Butterfly), Class of 1980
1965 Students Regard A Goose
Woman hiker with Mt. Baker in background
Western Symphony Orchestra rehearsal
Mountaineering on the Pacific (copy of article from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 39, Nov. 1869), page 1
1919 May Festival
1948 Z-O-O-M ... I'm An Airplane
Page 63
1945 Fourth Grade Reading Group With Elaine Dahlgren
Map of La Conner and Fishtown
Hall of Fame Plaque: Gerry Swan, Track and Field (Distance), Class of 1992
1942 Ninth Grade Students Work Together (Class 9-A)
Hall of Fame Plaque: Everett "Tye" Tiland, Football (Linebacker), Class of 1989
Unidentified person with a small motorboat at the water’s edge
Elderly couple stands in garden with flagpole in background
1946 Jean (Wagner) Shephard
Basketball (Women's) Trophy: Thunderette Invitational Basketball Tournament for annual competition champions, Lower Mainland Amatuer Basketball, 1960/1979
Fairhaven looking west from Harris Avenue and 10th Street.
1950 First Grade Boys Dancing at Assembly
Probably a view of Petersburg, Alaska taken from a plank street at the water's edge with Frederick Sound in the distance and snow-capped mountains beyond
All-American Certificate: Academic All-American Team, Megan Northey, 2012
Starboard view of large ship with tugboat in unidentified harbor
Hall of Fame Plaque: Scarlett Kanistanaux, Field Hockey (Link), Class of 1992
A crowd of people watch along railroad tracks as wooden Pacific American Fisheries building burns in a fire
1997 College Hall
Hall of Fame Plaque: Craig Welty, Golf, Class of 2012
1911 Training School Swings with Sehome Hill in Background
Cover Page
1933 Junior Viking Staff
Confluence of Green River (left) and North Fork Toutle River, showing mudflow.
1948 They Learn To Type Early
1942 Field Trip With Miss Channer (Class 6-B)
Pacific American Fisheries brick headquarters at Harris Avenue and 4th Street in Fairhaven
Page 41
Woman standing on pier with Mt Baker visible in the distance
Track and Field (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1985
1966 Fifth Grade Class with Milton Towne
Item 52310 (recto)
1993 Reunion--Banquet
Viking Launch 2017
1944 Art Supplies Cupboard
1925 Public Market
page 24
2007 Exhibit--Toni Nagel and Bill DeGrace
General Trophy: Philbrick Cup (right side), 1974
2007 Reunion--WWU President Karen Morse and WWU Provost Dennis Murphy at the Banquet
Move In 2020
Log Ramps
Unidentified bifolium leaves [item 40740_40739]
1943 Campus School Building Main Entrance
Bill Eppridge, Sports Illustrated photographer, at Castle Lake.
Page 47
Morning in Jemaa el-Fna: Morocco
Mountaineering on the Pacific (copy of article from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 39, Nov. 1869), page 8
2007 Reunion--Jim Hildebrand, WWU President Karen Morse and Joel Connelly Onstage at the Banquet
Sunset from Chuckanut Drive
Basketball (Women's) Photograph: Jo Metzger, Forward, 1978/1981
Soccer (Women's) Trophy: Northwest Collegiate Conference Champion, 1988-1989
1944 Lunch time
Abbey Island, Ruby Beach, Pacific Ocean
15th Century Book of Hours [item 598]
1965 Leslie Crawford and Students on One of Campus School's Ramps
Rowing (Women's) Trophy: NCAA Division 2 National Champion, 2007
The Town of Valparaiso on the Coast of Chili
Hall of Fame Plaque: Tom Wigg, Football (Fullback), Class of 1981
1948 Campus School Orchestra
Train collision - Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul locomotive with T.E. 3 R.R., Great Northern 22403 locomotive
Starboard view of hull of ship under construction
Pike Block in Bellingham, Washington
1935 Dorothy Brosi
2007 Reunion--Bruce Blood and Rita Blood
1965 Boys Playing Football
Samish Bay Logging Company facility at Blanchard
Item 2881 (recto)
Lumber yard in Fairhaven, WA on Bellingham Bay with multiple buildings and assorted stacks of lumber
1948 Fifth Graders Working On An Art Project
View of tender ship named "Columbine."
1944 Work Room
Page 78e
French Book of Hours circa 1450 [item 41734]
2007 Reunion--Kenneth Schafer and Leslie (Levin) Schafer at the Banquet
Cross-Country Running (Men's) Plaque: Pacific Northwest Athletic Conference, NAIA Champions, 1995/1996
page 25
Unidentified manuscript leaf [item 32315]
1949 Shirley Johnson, Secretary, Campus School
1944 Bookcase in Junior High Classroom
Aquaculture cartoon
1925 Tulip Parade
Spirit Lake from the air.
On Top Of Ruins
Blown-down timber on eastern flank of mountain.
Basketball (Women's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1983
Track and Field (Men's) Plaque: Pacific Northwest Athletic  Conference NAIA Champions, 1994/1995
2007 Reunion--Anne (Hardin) Taggart at the Banquet
Man seated in windowed room atop tower in Eastern Washington
1949 Synva Nicol With Students
Channeled debris flow with Spirit Lake in the background.
1943 Kindergarten Cooking
2007 Reunion--Barbara Cunningham and Lance Lindell
1943 Display Case In Campus School Building Main Entrance
Page 60
Page 72
1934 Pattison Twins On Campus Near Training School
1943 Reading Corner In Fifth Grade Classroom
Football Trophy: Columbia Football Association Co-Champions, 2000
Track and Field (Women's) Plaque: Northern Eastern District Meet 1st Place, 1972
Sounds of the Rainforest
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
Tennis (Men's) Trophy: Ed Hannah Tri-Normal Tournament Team Cup, 1925/1926
Stem Fair 2019
1995 Haskell Plaza
1925 Classroom Activities
Item 40733_40730 (side b)
1943 Reading Group With Student Teacher
An unidentified man standing in front of stacks of wooden crates, holding a harpoon-like instrument with an unidentified white mass speared on its end.
Eleven men and one woman, standing next to a Bornstein's Seafoods truck.
Ferria de los Flores - Medellín, Antioquia
WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
1993 Reunion--WWU President Karen Morse Addresses Banquet Attendees
Page 85
Viking I - Urban Vehicle
1947 How's This, Coach?
1944 Making Clay Figures
1967 Reading Center
1959 Reading Time
Studio portrait of P.J. Murphy
1949 Sixth Grade Class
2007 Reunion--Kamalla Rose Whitley (Allyn Blood) at the Banquet
Mountaineering on the Pacific (copy of article from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 39, Nov. 1869), page 11
1966 First Grade Class with Katherine Casanova
Shuksan cabin
View from Sehome Hill of downtown Bellingham with early-model automobiles parked along Huntoon Drive leading down hill