1872 - 2009
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Cannery Tender Minnehaha
Pacific American Fisheries complex, about 1920.
View of bow of Pacific American Fisheries' passenger freight ship "Catherine D."  with banners waving
Six fishing boats with Pacific American Fisheries insignia in a line in dry dock
Boning and splitting machine used in fish canning
Before filling Commercial Point
Studio portrait of  H. Humphrey, Bellingham,WA
Chip Groom, G.A. McIntosh, Frazer Jenkins and unidentified man in from of G.A. McIntosh general store
Three men stand in front of gasoline pumps outside service station
Six men, including Charles F. Larrabee, seated around a table
Aerial view of industrial waterfront, Bellingham, WA, showing landfill area used as lumber storage, several warehouses, and boat moorage
Bucher Lewis and Chuck Olson
Aerial view of entire Bellingham, WA, waterfront showing marina, warehouses, and surrounding neighborhoods
New Whatcom High School teaching staff, November 1900
Peter Denis
Sehome coal bunkers
Both sides of the scrip issued by Charles Cissna in 1893 to be used exclusively at The Fair, his department store, New Whatcom, WA
Aerial view looking east from Belingham Bay at Fairhaven, south Bellingham, with log booms at a lumber mill, and Pacific American Fisheries facilities at lower right
Construction site of YWCA building designed by Carl Gould, located at corner of Maple and Forest streets, Bellingham, WA
Studio portrait of seated Jim Wardner