1857 - 1990
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View from behind of a small family with a dog looking out over vista with sparse trees, Bellingham Bay, WA, and dirigible Akron seen faintly in sky
Unidentified man and woman in tilled field
Unidentified diesel powered supply vessel tied to Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) dock, Bellingham, WA
Store fronts on Holly Street include Wahl's Department Store, The Grand Theater, the Up and Up Tavern
Bellingham mill and lumber yard with railroad covered in snow
Six men play basketball in Whatcom High School gymnasium
K. Bruins - Portrait of girl standing next to baby in chair
Charlotte "Lottie" Roeder Roth examines photograph
Man with pipe and hat sits on bluff overlooking water
Lake amid forested hills
Sunset from Inspiration Point, Chuckanut Drive
Island in Chuckanut Bay
Kiwanis float from Whatcom County Tulip Festival parade, 1923
Four members of the Fairhaven High School girls' basketball team
Teams of horses and workers cutting through hill to construct Harris Avenue
Two women sunbathing on blanket
Child seated on top of slide
Pacific American Fisheries facilities  including Bellingham Canning Company with ships at dock in background and south hill of Bellingham in distance
Steamship on Alaskan waters with Pavlof volcano in distance
Man in labcoat conducts test in lab
Fairhaven & Whatcom streetcar number 74 with two conductors and two passengers
Citizen's Dock under construction, Bellingham Bay, WA, with Roeder Avenue and elevated railroad tracks in foreground
Six men stand in front of storefront with several businesses advertised on signs and windows, including Steamer - City of Everett - Ticket Office, and real estate and insurance offices
Man with cigar sits at desk with shelves cluttered with papers, binders, maps towering over him
Several dozen school children and their teachers pose outside a schoolhouse with belltower and flag pole
A vintage steam launch travels across Lake Whatcom
A man in a lab coat inspects slabs of frozen crab meat in a cannery
Exterior of small warehouse with "Lowe Trading Company" sign above door
View down unpaved Holly Street, Bellingham, Washington, with crowd gathered to watch approaching parade float
An overgrown, derelict bridge spans Whatcom Creek with fenced field and orchard in background
Studio portrait of  H. Humphrey, Bellingham,WA
Formal studio portrait of Edward W. Stimpson
South Bay School, Lake Whatcom - Front and side exterior  of small, abandoned building surrounded by overgrown brush, saplings
Roland Gamwell standing at bottom of ornate staircase in his house
Three people stand amid several huge saguary cacti
Aerial view of farm with fields of grass, orchards, and row crops with nearby forest, near Fairhaven, WA
Poem printed on paper, titled "The Regie of Blue Canyon," by Constance Bennett Fouty
Drawing of flying machines
Side view of Holstein cow with horns.
An unidentified ship listing on its side, marooned on rocks.
unidentified man sitting below what is probably the hull of a ship, pointing to a spot on the hull
View across lumber yard toward downtown Bellingham,
Portside view of three-masted sailing vessel near dock where people await, with two rowboats in water
View from above of man cutting wood shakes next to huge pile of shakes and early model truck
An unidentified man with a beard in a three piece suit, wearing a turban.
Edwin Ahern - Organist, Avalon Theatre
Peggy Campbell
Building with railroad tracks in the foreground and Chuckanut Mountain in the background (possibly Edgemoor before development)
Vinnie Harper, Gera (Wash.)
Happy Valley
Peter Camfferman, artist
Four Kasaan Cannery workers
A walkway leads to picket fence in front of a small farmhouse obscured by trees
Studio portrait of unidentified older man
Workers stand knee-deep in fish holds full of salmon on a dockside scow
Man poses in baseball uniform with glove and "F" on his uniform.
View of bow of Pacific American Fisheries' passenger freight ship "Catherine D."  with banners waving
Large house seen beyond large lawn and trees, with dahlias in immediate foreground
Four-masted lumber schooner is moored adjacent to dock piled with lumber
Johnson Country Home. Pacific Highway, near Burlington
Great Northern railroad cars travel along elevated tracks on Bellingham Bay, with piers, warehouses, piles of lumber in background, and separate photograph attached below
Postcard aerial view of Bellingham Cold Storage on Bellingham, WA, waterfront
Double propeller military plane on dirt airstrip, with palm tree next to wing
Room with unidentified large machinery possibly used for fish processing or canning
Gunnar Anderson and parents
Gunnar Anderson and Duke
Bellingham storefronts with "Forced out of Business" liquidation banners hanging in front windows
Row of vacant commercial spaces in McLeod Bldg, Elk (State) st, Bellingham, Washington
Japanese Mitsui Line lumber ship "Tenyo Maru"
Soldiers and military band members relax outside row of tents in forest camp
A small gaff-rigged sail boat
Salmon tumble from nets into holding scow
Five-masted lumber ship anchored at Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Mill on Bellingham Bay
Mt. Baker beyond forested foothills
Large logs rest on beach at low tide with pier and industrial waterfront in background
Two women pose on steps of colonnade at landmark or memorial in Washington, D.C.
Northerly view of houses of formerly Sehome, Washington, from Sehome Hill
Davenport Engberg Symphony Orchestra - Right half of photograph of seated orchestra
View of rooftops of Fairhaven, Washington, with smokestacks
A grand house is seen in the distance between two bluffs
Men tend to fishtrap lines while passenger ferry "Falcon" attaches to fishing barge
A man in a snap-cap and matching suit poses with partially-seen woman in a park
Group of over fifty men, women and children standing on the porch steps of a unidentified Queen Anne house
An unidentified young man wearing a white Bornstein Seafoods hat and white shirt with his name (Burl or Burt) sewn above the right pocket
Silver Beach Hotel, from the dock below at what is now Mason's Landing on Lake Whatcom
Washington State Band of Bellingham
Three men at early print shop
Rotary Club of Bellingham
Pacific American Fisheries cannery on Bellingham Bay
Table Mountain from Heather Meadows
Bellingham City Hall with new central tower under construction behind scaffolding, and crane hoisting new tower roof
Mt. Baker and Roosevelt Glacier
Waterfront view of Petersburg, Alaska
Mid-summer view of Mt. Baker's Easton and Deming glaciers from Lumchen Ridge with hikers lounging in alpine meadow
Three Fairhaven High School school girls in letter jackets pose on steps
Women stand at work stations, packing salmon into tins in canning factory
Composit of 12 photos of typical Bellingham sights, some clipped from publications
Jacob Beck's Grandview Hotel, Holly and Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, Washington.
A composite of six formal portraits of unidentified adults
Cannery tenders moored at docks of Petersburg, Alaska
Large group of men and teen boys in WWI uniforms pose in three rows
Aerial view of Pacific American Fisheries cannery facility at Petersburg, Alaska
Harris Ave. East, So. Bellingham, Washington
Woman riding horse on mountain trail looks back at camera
A man in a lab coat inspects a box  on top of a pallet of boxes of frozen crab
Studio portrait of Herb Smith
Blue Canyon townsite
Arrag Wanna's Duchess.
Man in lab coat inspects conveyor belt in cannery while worker cuts frozen crab meat with band saw
A grouping of photographs, notes, and large oil painting of Mount Shuksan hang on wall
Manicured gardens of Pacific American Fisheries facilities with Harris Avenue on right, extending eastward with Fairhaven Hotel in distance
Exterior of Larrabee family house under construction, Bellingham, Washington
Southeasterly vista of Happy Valley, south Bellingham, Washington
Four men and one woman on horseback pose in front of alpine Picture Lake
Portrait of unidentified man with glasses
Woman in formal riding costume with jodhpurs, jacket, and boots sits atop horse
Drawing of a large, multi-masted steam-sail vessel
The fronts of two businesses located at 1208 and 1206 11th Street, Bellingham (Wash.)
Mt. Baker district - stand of tall trees in forest with snowy ground
Fordson Freight and Passenger Service to Mt. Baker Lodge
Blue Canyon Mine coal bunker strides atop two railway lines along shore of Lake Whatcom
Beneath Deermester slide,  Mt. Baker
Eight navy vessels are moored among fishing tenders in the inner harbor of Wrang shipyards, Bellingham, WA
A simple bridge with no railing spans a creek in a snowy, wintertime scene
Aerial view of industrial waterfront, Bellingham, WA, showing landfill-based warehouses, marina, and breakwater, with residential neighborhoods inland
Anna Graveline and Will McConnell in doorways of Bellingham Café and Bellingham Hotel store fronts
A lawn with a path leading past maple trees to a hillside staircase
Downstream view of water falls in forest
Two finely dressed women with hats sit in back of a 1915 Ford touring car, parked next to Bellingham train station
Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Deming
Four band members in suits sit for studio portrait with instruments and promotional material
John D. Leedy, Thomas W. Miller, B.B. Dobbs and T.D. Rowland
Huge, water worn boulders stand along the shore of a bay.
Large group of men and women in party attire pose in three rows in front of welcome banner
Upper falls of Whatcom Creek.
Studio portrait of Leonid Fink
Bellingham Bay Improvement Company Mill
E. B. Deming, President of Pacific American Fisheries (PAF), and his wife
Fraser River, B.C.
A wooden bridge crossing Whatcom Creek.
Whatcom Creek Falls?
Small bay with village on opposite shore and several fishing tenders in water
Sixteen men, two horses, and a dog standing in and above a wet, muddy pit with a long, elevated sluceway
Close-up of an unidentified,metal, motorized cannery machine
A man, a woman, and six children sit for pose in clearing near cabin
Man stands behind giant propeller on hull of ship under construction
Workers on deck of fishing tender moored Kassan cannery docks with seaplane on water in background
Dock with two long (cannery?) buildings with rowboats and double ender boats stored adjacent
Thirteen miners stand in front of the entrance to Blue Canyon Mine
A seated man is surrounded by several rows of formally dressed women in a ballroom
Lynden Stage
Pacific American Fisheries fishing boats
Partially-constructed crude bridge sits on either side of small river with mouth of cave in background
Boning and splitting machine used in fish canning
Gunnar Anderson and dog
Close-up of unidentified man wearing baseball cap
Fishing vessels of various sizes moored at cannery dock with warehouse
Three men stand in front of gasoline pumps outside service station
Seated portrait of police officer Eaerl Dunkle
Rogan Jones
No. 4 In from a Whistler hunt
A.W. Talbot, owner of Bellingham Shipyards receives an award certificate
Salmon Egg Charley
Chip Groom, G.A. McIntosh, Frazer Jenkins and unidentified man in from of G.A. McIntosh general store
Six women, one man, and four children pose along picket fence in front o fttwo-story farmhouse
Sehome School House
A seated man is surrounded by several rows of formally dressed women in a ballroom
Two finely dressed women with hats sit in back of a 1915 Ford touring car, parked next to Bellingham train station
Studio portrait of Captain W.B. Knight
A group of six women and a couple stand on porch of two-story residence with picket fence
Snowy scene of front exterior of large three-story residence with turrett
Studio portrait of A.W. Talbot
A woman crouches with a small dog in her arms next to a woman standing with a large dog on a leach
Down Bellingham, Cornwall Avenue
Revelers pose around large picnic blanket wearing silly hats and palm-frond skirts
Group organized to build a railroad from Bellingham across Cascade mountains to Eastern Washington
Catherine Deming
Large group of men in suits pose outside front doors of Fish and Wildlife Service Fishery Products Laboratory
Portrait of man standing in suit and long coat
Front exterior of two-story house with front bay window and small porch
Two women, a man, and a boy on a ladder holding a bucket of apples, in an orchard
Profile of young man as he is lit by faint light source
Profile portrait of C.X. Larrabee
Studio portrait of A.W. Talbot
Young girl (possibly Catherine Deming) holding decorated christening bottle
Gunnar Anderson seated at piano with his dog
Theatrical stage scene with two women and one man in costumes during performance
Old Barracks - English Camp, San Juan Island
Engberg Pederson
Steps lead to wrap-around porch of 2.5-story residence
Professor Ruckmick, 1930
Ten men in work clothes pose in two rows on dock outside warehouse
Studio portrait of Elizabeth Newman
35 men in business attire and military uniforms pose in three rows behind table and American flag
Two women and a man with bicycles pose on incline of mountainside dirt road, possibly Chuckanut Drive
Mrs. Lodema Harkness
H.C. Banner, Clifton, Kansas
Local authors - Five seated women and four men standing behind them, dressed for special occasion, holding published works