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1857 - 1990
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Schooner Marguerite
Pacific American Fisheries shipbuilding yard with several ships under construction
John Kellogg and Wally Armstrong receive Bellingham Community and War Chest Blue Ribbon
Champion and West Holly Streets, Bellingham
Delivering the salmon catch at a Pacific American Fisheries cannery in Alitak, Alaska
Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) Cannery - King Cove - Alaska
Portrait (possibly a school picture) of young Myer Jay Bornstein
Pacific Packing Cannery ships along Chuckanut Bay
A color-tinted photo taken at the end of a glacier, most likely on Mount Baker
View looking south on Elk Street (now State Street), Bellingham
Future site of Bellingham Marine Boatbuilding Company, viewed from Bellingham Cold Storage
Snow-dusted Whatcom Creek with several fallen logs and a bridge partially visible in the fog
Two women and a man with bicycles pose on incline of mountainside dirt road, possibly Chuckanut Drive
H.C. Banner, Clifton, Kansas
Long wooden building - apparently a bunkhouse or the back side of a rural lumber mill
A Canadian Pacific Railway lodge stands on an alpine hillside at the base of Mount Stephen, in the background
John D. Leedy, Thomas W. Miller, B.B. Dobbs and T.D. Rowland
Studio portrait of Jos G. Snydaker
An alpine lake and steep gorge with ice covered cliffs.
Guy Elwyn Everett
Six women, one man, and four children pose along picket fence in front o fttwo-story farmhouse
Studio portrait of Captain W.B. Knight
Three old timers of Kasaan who worked at the Kasaan Cannery
Portrait of unidentified man
Gunnar Anderson and dog
Pacific American Fisheries fishing boats
Studio portrait of unidentified older man
Workers stand knee-deep in fish holds full of salmon on a dockside scow
View of early downtown Bellingham, Washington, with the "Reveille" newspaper offices in foreground
Aerial view of waterfront and downtown Bellingham including intersection of Champion and Bay streets
Long procession of marching sailors seen from upper story of building, looking south along State street, with ships anchored in Bellingham Bay in distance
View over rooftops of Bellingham Bay and cloudy day looking towards Lummi Island
Large house seen beyond large lawn and trees, with dahlias in immediate foreground
Center section of panorama triptych showing Bellingham, WA, from Sehome Hill overlook
Pacific American Fisheries cannery docks in Fairhaven with steam-powered tugboats "Ernest A. Hamill", "John Cudahy" and "Charles Councilman"
Three-masted sailing vessel William A. Campbell"
Front exterior of office building of Dr. Wood, Physician, and The Lynden Tribune with American flag in doorway
View from deck of ship as it approaches pier with large crowd of people awaiting its arrival
Postcard image of church with steeple and trees in front
Students and faculty gather for photo on steps and sloping lawn in front of Old Main on campus of Bellingham Teachers' College
Machinist Crew - A group of men stand and sit in rows on deck of sailing vessel
Schleuder Bros storefront in Bellingham with "Closing Out Sale" banner
Corner view of Thistle Opera House, a mixed-use building on downtown street
Trick photo of man standing behind very small podium
Interior of theater with organ console in front of set stage
Docks and warehouses of waterfront community on one of the San Juan Islands
Two men reclining on a grassy slope
Park with bridge over creek, gazebo in background
A US Army boat undergoes trials in Bellingham Bay
Pacific American Fisheries wooden steamship "Firwood" at its launching
Pacific American Fisheries transport ship "Firwood" loaded with pilings, anchored at unidentified pier
Four salmon laid out on deck of fishtrap
View from Sehome Hill of downtown Bellingham with early-model automobiles parked along Huntoon Drive leading down hill
Northerly view of Fairhaven district's 12th Street with Fairhaven Hotel on right side of road in center of photograph, Bellngham, Washington
Top of Shuksan Mountain seen from high snow field of Shuksan Arm
Mt. Shuksan
Elderly couple stands in garden with flagpole in background
Man in golf attire posing with golf club
Man in labcoat and cap stands next to women packing crab legs into boxes at work station
Pallets loaded with boxes of Wakefield's frozen crab sit on the dock as one pallet load is lowered into the hold of an awaiting ship
A view looking down onto the South Hill neighborhood of Bellingham, WA, from rooftop of The Fairhaven Hotel
A British ensign flies atop a water tower adjacent to a mill or cannery
Exterior of the two-story Federal building with arched windows, downtown Bellingham, WA, shortly after completion
Large neo-Gothic brick Lighthouse Block at corner of Holly and Cornwall streets, Bellingham, WA
Craftsman bungalow at 319 South Forest street with cobblestone façade on front porch
Construction of Pacific American Fisheries salmon cannery
Several people stand outside a structure with second-story bay windows, abutting a false-fronted establishment called "Imperial City House"
A 72' wood-burining passenger and freight vessel named "Islander" next to dock
Two un-hitched wagons, and one wagon hitched to four horses, are loaded with cut fuel wood, with shed in background
Man and woman sit on log at beach surrounded by forest
A young couple stand behind an older seated couple in a private parlor
Downriver view of Rock Island Dam with railroad in foreground
Fairhaven High School boys stand together
A man and woman sit on a sofa
A mason stands looking at a partially-built brick wall of Pacific American Fisheries' "hollow tile" warehouse
Catherine D (Pacific American Fisheries)
Blue Canyon Mine coal bunker strides atop two railway lines along shore of Lake Whatcom
Aerial view of industrial waterfront, Bellingham, WA, showing landfill-based warehouses, marina, and breakwater, with residential neighborhoods inland
A simple bridge with no railing spans a creek in a snowy, wintertime scene
Eleven unidentified men wearing suits stand on steps of brick building
Man seated at piano
Young girl in white dress poses standing next to chair in studio portrait
Naval vessel "YMS269"
Drawing of seaside town, possibly Bellingham, WA, with piles of lumber on beach, horse-drawn wagons, and wooden boardwalks
Gunnar Anderson playing piano
Aerial view of downtown Bellingham taken from the south
AID Excursion Inlet Alaska
Dutch colonial house, possibly 225 Middlefield Road in Edgemoor
S.S. Clio
Victor's and Ben's Men's Shop on Cornwall and Magnolia Streets
Mt.Baker and Roosevelt Glacier
Football game (Fairhaven High School)
Cyrus Kingsley Gates
Crowd waiting to see Gunnar Anderson at John Hamrick's Music Box Theatre in Tacoma
St. James Presbyterian Church
Chuckanut Drive and Governor's Tree.
Motor Princess
Hand tinted image of four men, two on horseback, next to a lake with a flat-topped promontory in the distance
Gooseberry Point Postcard
Pacific American Fisheries Cannery
Hand tinted photo of snow-covered Mt. Baker in the background with a lake or tarn in the foreground
Unidentified woman
Gunnar Anderson and Duke
hand-tinted view of snow-covered Mt. Baker with a lake in the foreground.
Larrabee family home, Bellingham (Wash.)
Vinnie Harper, Gera (Wash.)
Fairhaven hotel (copy from book)
Corporal Millard E. Mosher, Mt. Gretna
Two musicians
Sunset from Chuckanut Drive
Portrait, possibly of Hugh Eldridge
John Padden- Son of Padden Lake Founder
Old Sea Gull Coffee House Menu
Snow-covered Mt. Baker (Koma Kulshan) in the background with tree-covered hills in the foreground
Russel V. Peabody
Man (likely Gunnar Anderson) seated at a piano
A Scene on the Boulevard in Fairhaven
Motor Princess
Chuckanut Drive
Gunnar Anderson and Duke in Austin roadster
Gunnar Anderson seated at the organ at Mt. Baker Theater.
Unidentified men and women with logged tree stump
James Charles and unidentified woman
Whatcom Pass Glacier
House at 115 South Forest Street, Bellingham
Unidentified man
Two fishing boats side by side
Chuckanut Bay looking south toward Samish Island.
Ira T. Jones
Ernest H. Caley Portrait
View of early Whatcom
Group of men and women, including Aubrey and Thomas King
Utter Grist Mill
View of Chuckanut Island from Chuckanut Bay
Pacific American Fisheries - Warehouse No. 7 - Bellingham, Wash.
Portrait of unidentified young man
Couples dancing on logged tree stump
Burlington Public School, Washington
Room full of exhibited potted plants and floral arrangements
Image of plat for town of Sehome, Washington territory, recorded 1858
B.B. & B.C. steam train engine
An unidentified urban, clogged waterway with two bridges, many boats, and multi story buildings on both side
Box Department of Pacific American Fisheries, Bellingham, WA
Old Fraser River Gold Trail-1858
Formal studio portrait of Edward W. Stimpson
Downtown Bellingham at the corner of Cornwall Avenue and Magnolia Street showing Ekho Drugstore with multiple billboards
View of bow of Pacific American Fisheries' passenger freight ship "Catherine D."  with banners waving
Four early model cars full of young soldiers in a line across cobblestone main street with onlookers to side
Old Hudson Bay Camp San Juan Island
Rooftop view of early Whatcom with the prominent Baker Hotel at center in distance
Exterior of "T.G. Richards Building," (later known as the Washington Territorial Courthouse)
"The Gun That Killed The Pig"
Mrs. Engberg's orchestra
Native American beach encampment and canoes with Pacific American Fisheries cannery to left
Several people and a dog, sitting and standing in front of L-shaped frame house
Formal studio portrait of man with goatee, Victor Charroin
Group of women pose on steps of four-story "Edens Hall" dormitory at the State Normal School, Bellingham,WA
Multi-generational group of hikers stands in forest
Assumption Church confirmation class, April 1939
Formal studio portrait of four young people, two boys and two girls
Toddler girl sits in chair for portrait
Fast picture with new camera - two women swing rope for man in center to jumprope
Studio portrait of Harriette Biery
Exterior of Roeder-Roth house, Bellingham, WA, in elaborate Queen Anne style with turret
View through trees from top of Sehome Hill of downtown Bellingham, WA
Fairhaven district, looking eastward down angle made by railroad and  Harris Avenue from top of Dead Man's Point
Festively decorated room full of people of all ages seated and standing to view entertainment
"State of Washington," a 175 foot stern-wheeler steamboat
Salmon processing or canning machine with conveyor belt
Side view of Jersey cow
Back view of Craftsman clapboard building used as Geneva Community Hall, Lake Whatcom
Cardstock Christmas card with drawing of large  five-masted tea clipper "Dreadnaught"
Display of produce and products in "Whatcom" booth made of heavy classical entablature and columns, at an exhibition hall
A dozen men standing on the leading edge of the plank road they are constructing
Norweigan full rigged ship called the Christian Radich  towed by a tugboat named Helen M. Mcallister and followed by a sailboat.
Flooding waters of Nooksack river rush forward with railrad bridge and buildings of Ferndale, WA, in background
Flooding Nooksack river overtaking fences, trees, with buldings of Ferndale, WA, in background
The Mother's Chorus, with Paul Lusterman
Elk Street looking south from Maple
Flooding waters of Nooksack river rush by with buildings of Ferndale, WA, in background
Formal studio portrait of Edward W. Stimpson
Several small boats and with fishermen maneuver around fishtraps, working the nets
Interior of small chapel showing altar, stained glass windows, and pews
View westward along Boulevard and Great Northern Railroad tracks to Bloedel-Donovan Mill and Templin Flour & Feed
Man and woman with draft horses harnessed to barrow plough
Man on pinto pony leading pack horse is reflected in lake in foreground
Man looks over town from top of tower in Eastern Washington
Horse-drawn wagon with coffin in funeral procession in front of Denver Market
Horse-drawn wagon towing large steam boiler stands in front of Bellingham Livery & Transfer Co.
Fairhaven High School classmates at 50th reunion
Portrait of J.L. Jackson
United Airways "The Mainliner" airplane parked on runway
Studio portrait of E.I. Jacobson in profile
Lumber mill scene with railroad tracks elevated over water, with rail cars, running next to lumber mill with forested hills behind, possibly Samish Bay Mill
 The gravestone of James Tilton Pickett in River View Cemetery, Portland, Oregon
Portrait of Maxine Uncapher of the Pythian Sunshine Girls
Building with railroad tracks in the foreground and Chuckanut Mountain in the background (possibly Edgemoor before development)
Docked boats- Bellingham Marine Railway & Boatbuilding Company
Mitch Evich
King Cove, Alaska - view from a hill opposite the Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) Cannery