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Two young men with older man pose in front of stone building
Studio portrait of family of four with mother seated in center
Industrial site on Bellingham waterfront
Mt. Baker from Skyline Ridge
Durgin's Market's meat counter with clerk behind counter
Primitive wooden structure on hillside
Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
Naknek Photographs, Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
Bellingham Plywood Corporation - Bellingham, Washington
Dyer Family Photograph Album
Gamwell family photograph album
Picture Section [Fairhaven]
Whatcom County Photographs
Early model racecar with driver and passenger travels along street past sidewalk full of spectators, Bellingham, WA (Mt. Baker Marathon)
Streetcar trestle spans barren field with buildings of Spokane in distance, and Spokane County Courthouse in center
View from Sehome Hill of early Sehome, WA, with dirt track of Elk Street extending from lower right, Bellingham Bay on left
View from across water of seaside village with fish cannery facilities and pier
View from above of room full of display cases in a museum or exhibition hall, with a model-sized five-masted schooner along far wall
Large camera on tripod on display
Fairhaven & Whatcom streetcar number 74 with two conductors and two passengers
Lobby of American Theater with classical architectural elements, carpet, velvet drapes
Steamship President McKinley at dock with several smaller crafts laden with cargo pulled alongside
Lynden's first power plant before its disassembling
Bartender leans on a polished bartop with an elaborate wooden bar holding liquor bottles behind him
View across Bellingham Bay to lumber mill located on the fill that extended Laurel Street, Bellingham, WA, with a four-masted ship at dock
Four men on a scow surrounded by fish traps, brailing a net full of salmon
Negative copy of image in watercolor of cemetery scene showing gravestone of James (a.k.a. Jimmy) Tilton Picket, among tall trees
Students sit at desks and stand against far wall with teacher in a classroom
Starboard view of large ship with tugboat in unidentified harbor
Unidentified woman standing in snow looking down at a large round wooden object filled with snow
Front exterior of Kulshan Club, a two-story, shingle-sided craftsman house in Fairhaven
A pile of machinery parts in a snowy field
Citizen's Dock under construction, Bellingham Bay, WA, with Roeder Avenue and elevated railroad tracks in foreground
View from 12th street, Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA, towards Bellingham Bay and Pacific American Fisheries facilities where a ship is docked
Small seaside village with pier and warehouse, and rolling grassy knolls in foreground
View from below of Seattle Space Needle with white Seattle Center buildings in foreground
Watercolor of cemetery scene showing gravestone of James (a.k.a. Jimmy) Tilton Picket, among tall trees
Imposing three story brick Columbia School building with belltower
Seven young men in sweaters and ties pose in two rows on the steps outside a building
Group of schoolchildren and teacher pose outside small, one-room Sehome schoolhouse, Whatcom County, WA
Small, tabletop roll-paper automatic picture printer for photography
Seven uniformed members of young men's sports team and their coach pose outside building
Previous Whatcom County Courthouse, a multi-story sandstone building with tower and gables
Pen and ink drawing of two Native American women loom-weaving a rug, with child and dog nearby
Side view of Guernsey cow with ribbon on ear
Silver Beach School
Ten teenage girls in athletic dress pose in two rows outdoors with their coach
Closeup of 35mm film perforating machine
Group of young students stand in six rows on steps of building
Side view of Jersey cow standing in field
Fairhaven High - Seven teenage boys in sweaters and jackets, and one teacher pose on sidewalk
Side view of large Jersey cow
South Bay School, Lake Whatcom - Front and side exterior  of small, abandoned building surrounded by overgrown brush, saplings
Tuna Butchering Machine, right hand side view
Four young men pose with trophies and pennant
Small sailing skiff at center, with three-masted sailing vessel in background
Burlington Public School, Washington
Soccer Girls - nine teenage girls pose in athletic uniforms with a ball on a playing field
Side view of young Jersey or Guernsey bull with small horns
Group of students bundled for winter stand in front of an imposing three-story school house on a snowy day
Salmon processing or canning machine with conveyor belt
Back view of Craftsman clapboard building used as Geneva Community Hall, Lake Whatcom
Dobb's Studio, Seattle, 1937
Five members of a basketball team pose while holding balls
Nine girls in athletic uniforms pose with a soccer or volleyball labeled "Champs 1924"
Side view of young Guernsey cow
Closeup of two clam shells, one larger than the other
Side view of large Jersey bull
Icebox-refrigerator on display with promotional sign with Bellingham Herald newspaper headlining the Fairhaven School fire from which the refrigerator was removed
Fairhaven High School - School Board
Small, tabletop roll-paper automatic picture printer for photography
Five young men with school books stand on grass in front of burnt shell of Fairhaven High School, Bellingham, WA
Thirteen students and teachers of Fairhaven high school class of 1900, sitting in and standing next to a horse drawn carriage, holding bouquets of flowers
Side view of Jersey cow
Side view of Jersey bull
Old Main building at Western Washington State College, with Sehome Arboretum in background
Dobb's darkroom, 1937
Several ranch-style homes sit at base of two buttes rising above them
Large Holstein bull stands in corner of paddock with man standing behind
Grave marker of Ole Larson in overgrown cemetery
Formal studio portrait of man with goatee, Victor Charroin
Throng of men crowd around store front of The Globe Clothing Co. with "Forced to Vacate" advertisement
Campers gather around open-air campsite set among trees
Small pleasure boat with two well-dressed men under the canopy
Students and teachers pose outside three-story Central School with prominent bell tower
Children in pirate costume carry a litter with young girl in Tulip Festival Parade, Bellingham, WA, 1929
Fairhaven high school class of 1930 50th class reunion
Sixteen men pose in line across store selling paint and wallpaper
Group of women pose on steps of four-story "Edens Hall" dormitory at the State Normal School, Bellingham,WA
Old Fraser River Gold Trail-1858
Newspaper clipping of men leaning over pier looking at storm damage
Mary Bourque and Ned Larrabee in fancy early model convertible
Studio portrait of two seated women, three standing men, of varying ages
Several hikers stand in clearing on mountainside
Box Department of Pacific American Fisheries, Bellingham, WA
Agricultural displays from Eastern Washington and Spokane, as listed on entablature above booths, in exhibition hall
Several people and a dog, sitting and standing in front of L-shaped frame house
Possibly the interior of polynesian-themed exhibition with displays of goods and produce, a scale model of a three-masted ship made of straw, and straw-crafted décor
Bob Shield and Emil Olsen at the Pacific American Fisheries' Commercial Point Shipyard
Multi-generational group of hikers stands in forest
Downtown Bellingham at the corner of Cornwall Avenue and Magnolia Street showing Ekho Drugstore with multiple billboards
Tintype of unidentified, seated young woman, possibly blind, in a formal studio portrait
View from hillside above of rooftops of cabins, warehouses, and buildings with water beyond
The Satko family of 9 stand somberly on dock with their "Ark of Juneau" boat in background
Two unidentified people at Multnomah Falls
Eight people stand in and around a tent at a campsite in woods
Studio portrait of Rita Christopher
A machine in a food processing plant or cannery, likely a box former
Woman in a hat, holding a walking stick, sits on a hillside covered in wildflowers
Studio portrait of unidentified man in suit with moustache
Five people in an early convertible automobile  stopped on a dirt lane by a small lake and forested hills
Street view of front of home with steps leading from sidewalk to large front porch of craftsman-style home on a snowy day
Two men pose together on dock with boats, water, and forested mountain ni background
Two women and a boy sit in an early model car in a grassy clearing
Small bird perches on wooden structure
Formal studio portrait of one man seated with violin, one man posing behind him
Northwestern Shipyard operation
Two men stand on dock covered in marine ropes, one man operating a camera on a tripod
Studio portrait of Rita Christopher
Eight men stand next to horses in front of barn
Man in sleeveless shirt repairs fishing nets
Two unidentified people, a woman and young boy, standing on top of snow-covered mountain
Aerial view of harbor with several cannery buildings and vessels moored, with moutains rising immediately in the background
Man and woman cannery workers stand next to large skinning machine with motorized drum at center, skinning two salmon filets
Stern of a wooden tub-like boat called the "Ark of Juneau" at dock
Man wearing cowboy hat, horn-rimmed glasses, and goatee, with a pipe, stands on a dock with mountain in background
Juneau, February 1918
Aerial view of Pacific American Fisheries complex on Bellingham Bay in south Bellingham
Two men and a woman, all well-dressed, stand in archway of large porch of sizeable building
Three women sit in conversation on logs at a beach
A little by and little girl sit in row boat on lake
Camp Go-to-it