1872 - 2013
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1959 Facade (East Side) with Barney Goltz
1970 Addition Plaza
1970 Addition, Main Entrance From High Street
1971 Miller Hall
1970 Miller Hall
1965 Stella Rauch
1972 Warren G. Magnuson
1947 College Trip: Hannegan Pass
1982 Students Enjoying View
1948 Campus Day: Faculty Sack Race
1968 Charles J. Flora: Inauguration
1949 Fine Arts Building: Construction
1947 Swimming Pool
1921 Home Economics Majors
View from behind of a small family with a dog looking out over vista with sparse trees, Bellingham Bay, WA, and dirigible Akron seen faintly in sky
Elmheim (Roeder house)
Formally dressed African-American waitstaff pose in Fairhaven Hotel dining room with Christmas decorations
Unidentified woman in fur-collared coat stands in front of industrial building
Studio portrait of R. C. DeLong
Fairhaven high school football player