1922 - 2014
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Football Trophy: NAIA National Division 2 Championship, 2nd place, 1996
Hall of Fame Plaque: Lorne Davies, Alumnus, Class of 1994
Soccer (Men's) Plaque: NAIA Area Champion, 1989
Volleyball (Women's) Trophy: GNAC Champions, 2012
Basketball (Women's) Jersey: #44, Gina Sampson, 1994/1996
General Trophy: G. Robert Ross Memorial, WWU Athlete of the Year award (right rear side), 1986/2013
General Trophy: GNAC All sports champion (back), 2001/2010
General Trophy: College Spirit Camp Superior (front), 2005
Hall of Fame Plaque: Jim Lounsberry, Coach, Class of 1983
Football Plaque: Helms Hall,  Hall of Fame award, Charles F. Lappenbusch, undated
Hall of Fame Plaque: Terry Todd, Coach, Class of 2007
Hall of Fame Plaque: Rollie DeKoster, Alumnus, Class of 1992
Badminton Plaque: DGWS Badminton Team 2nd place, 1970
Hall of Fame Plaque: Liz Bishop, Volleyball, Class of 2012
Hall of Fame Plaque: Debbie Carter, Women's Soccer (Midfielder), Class of 2004
Hall of Fame Plaque: Dominic Garguile, Coach, Class of 1996
Hall of Fame Plaque: Shirley Swanson, Track and Field (440), Class of 1986
Football Plaque: GNAC Football Champions, 2003
Hall of Fame Plaque: Kim Kolody-Bjorklund, Volleyball (Setter), Class of 2003
Hall of Fame Plaque: Hester Hill, Badminton, Class of 1977