1906 - 1957
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Large group of people pose on gravelly beach with large pile of logs
Marching band assembled on sports field with crowded grandstands in background
Studio portrait of woman in profile
Studio portrait of John. S. McMillin
Interior of theater with organ console in front of set stage
Vessel "The Prentice" at shore of lake.
Small speedboat mounted on trailer parked among trees
Portrait of Leopold Schmidt
Studio portrait of standing man and woman
Trellised railway bridge with two rail cars
Highway adjacent to Columbia River running along basalt cliffs
Highway adjacent to Columbia River running along basalt cliffs
An early model car stopped next to field of row crop
Vista of Columbia River running past basalt cliffs
Two women teachers and group of schoolchildren
Color print of studio portrait of Nelson Bennett.
A field of row crop with farm buildings in distance
Downriver view of Rock Island Dam with railroad in foreground
An early model car stopped on gravel road with passenger door open
Two men stainding in virgin forest
Gravel road along Columbia River
Man holding flyrod displays caught fish while standing on snowy bank of alpine lake
Commercial display of classical columns and artifical doorway with stack of "Crespo" cans in background and promotional signs for "Wheeler Osgood Co." in front
Bellingham executives, January 25, 1956
Steep, rocky slope of hillside next to highway running along Columbia River at Rock Island Dam
Huge, water worn boulders stand along the shore of a bay.
Several sets of display cases, with "Washington" adorning the bases, are full of produce in a large exhibition hall
Woman in long coat and hat stands at shoreline next to grassy field next to tall wooden lamp post
The road to the old Collins' and Walters' homesteads
Cultivated field surrounded by trees with water inlet beyond, at "Collins Point" as indicated on photograph
Shoreline along quiet cove with forested bank in distance
Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
"Mr. Walter's famous cherry and apple orchard"
View from shore of quiet waters on cove with forested banks
Shoreline surrounded by trees with caption: "In front of the Walters home, where Jimmie used to play."
Image of painting titled "Arcadia Point" by Jimmy Pickett